Sunday , March 26 2023

Elder Scrolls Online & # 39; Murkmire & # 39; DLC will start on Xbox One.


Recently, Bethesda released "Murkmire," the latest extension of The Elder Scrolls Online. Murkmire takes dangerous wetlands and other "dark" areas to uncover powerful artefacts. Murkmire is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I have been out of the PC for a few weeks now. Generally, new content is available in the console for about a week before being used on a PC.

To access Murkmire, an Xbox One X user must download the 50GB patch and purchase DLC from the in-game store. Yes, that's right. The download is 50GB. The total file size increases from about 3GB to about 94GB, but there are many modifications and adjustments. Hopefully the performance improvements will be included in the package.

Elder Scrolls Online runs in a connected world where you can keep everything your friends up to date. Whether you play alone or as a companion, the game's combat system allows you to focus on actions and tactics. No matter what class you are in, you can use all your weapons at any time and enjoy your game the way you want.

There are hundreds of quests and other activities to join. The goal is to uncover Tamriel's mysteries and find heroic quests on your own schedule.

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