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Kevin Durant-Draymond Green tiff was not as bad as he found the Warriors.


It looked behind the curtains of the most successful professional teams in the current major American sports. Warriors' family business ran in the Staples Center on Monday night, leaving the Clips to lose sight of their 121-116 defeat and survive in the internet landscape.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​tried to upset Kevin Durant, trying to upset Angry Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

It's probably not as bad as it looked like. But it certainly got worse.

Green and Durant yelled at each other on the bench, and in a matter of seconds Klay Thompson was sitting strategically separated and quiet. This is not the first time Green and Durant have spoken, it is not the end.

The origin of the dispute was simple. Each wanted to give the Warriors the best chance to win the game, neither did they.

Green is light, but Durant has no chance at all.

The Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers were tied in 106-106 tie, and Green overturned rebounding early in the game. Durant immediately sent the ball to signal. Green ignored him.

Instead, Green dribbled the court. His reasoning was transparent and rational. He wanted the Clippers to attack before deciding on his defense.

Green followed the Warriors' usual script. Do not call timeout in such situations. Going. Try to get something good.

Durant's reasoning was also transparent and rational. Kevin Durant. He scored 33 points and is one of the most unbeatable scorers in NBA history. He wanted to have this house.

So I applauded it so wildly that I never came.

Green dribbled in a crowd of four clippers. Shay Gilgis – Alexander pierced the ball, Green lost control and the buzzer sounded. Obviously frustrated Durant crossed the half-court stripes barely.

What followed was a sort of quarreling between team members with strong willpower due to failure. Warriors finally came out of the building and suffered a loss that would be rich.

Shaun Livingston told reporters, "It's just a team spirit." People wanted something different from what happened. Obviously, Dray had turnover. The men did not know that they thought they opened and wanted basketball. That happens in sports.

"But it was good to see some fire and some emotions."

Green usually brings emotions. Durant can express his feelings at their best.

There were still many emotions when warriors came to the Old Testament. Green seemed to defend his decision. Durant was dirty after 74 seconds and Warriors faded.

The odd thing about the sequence in the last five seconds or the rules is that Green gets more pleasure in creating team members than scoring more than himself. He reviews the play and realizes that he should give Durant the chance to do it.

Green is likely to knock on the chest and provide a "bad" opportunity.

Green would also wonder why Durant did not compete with him on the floor.

Durant may not have a good answer to that.

In the end, Green can justify his decision to keep the ball, while Durant can justify his desire. They both have points, but I think Durant is more effective.

They will overcome this. There is only one of 82 games in the postseason. Do not be surprised if Warriors laughs together on Tuesday night when facing the Atlanta Hawks at Oracle Arena.

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