Saturday , June 3 2023

Microsoft is currently selling Amazon's Echo devices.


Microsoft began selling Amazon's Echo devices at retail stores. Twitter user WalkingCat found. Microsoft is selling the latest Echo Dot and second generation Echo. Both devices are available online and at Microsoft Stores in the United States. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to integrate Alexa and Cortana and preview this feature earlier this year.

Microsoft is increasingly focused on Amazon alliances and Alexa integration, and Cortana lags behind its main rivals this year. Xbox One now supports Alexa, and Amazon has launched the Alexa Windows 10 app, which provides digital assist features to all PCs. Cortana now appears to be in a strange place at Microsoft. Software makers have gradually escaped to business-oriented areas like chat bots, rather than consumer-centric releases.

Cortana originally started with Windows Phone and found a new home four years ago as part of the core search feature of Windows 10. Microsoft is now planning to deploy Cortana away from the Windows 10 search environment and initially to update the 19H1. There will be some changes next year.

Cortona has recently been redesigned on iOS, but it is not clear that Microsoft is planning the future of digital assistants. Microsoft's prospects for the iPhone boss began supervising Cortana earlier this year, but will leave the company later this year. Microsoft recently moved Cortana to the Artificial Intelligence research department and the Experiences and Devices team. I soon found out what Cortana had planned for Cortana.

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