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Robredo: Imelda jewelry reveals the imbalance of the judicial system.


Vice President Leni Robredo said he could raise public awareness that if the bail was given to Imelda Marcos, a former First Lady who was convicted of a two-day graft, only the rich get justice.

Robindo reinforced his belief in the social class imbalance in the judicial system of the state when granting provisional liberty to Marcos Provisional Liberty's P150,000 bail donation in the weekly program "BISErbisyong LENI", aired on the Mindanao network of radio stations. He said.

"It gives the impression that people are rich and social status is high. [to get out of jail]. A poor person will suffer many years of simple mistakes. "Robredo said.

She cites her previous research as a public interest lawyer, saying there is a clear difference between the treatment of poor Filipinos accused of crime and the tolerance they showed to former First Lady.

& # 39; Loose changes & # 39;

She questioned Sandiganbayan's decision to allow Marcos to post the bills on P1.500. She said to her former lady, "Loose change."

"The poor people have to collect £ 100,000 in bail for a small crime," says Robredo. "Then we have a serious crime and no one is having trouble collecting bail," Robredo said.

The Vice President pointed out that when Marcos could not attend the party on the same day, it was "insulting" to cite poor health as Marcos failed to publicize his case.

She said she had previously had a doctor who could run as a governor, enter the parliament, but have a long list of sicknesses to avoid legal proceedings.

Robredo contrasts this claim with his plans to attend a lavish birthday party for his daughter, Imee, who missed Marcos's plan for the Mayor of Ilocos Norte in the May 2019 election and the upcoming court hearings.

77 years prison

"If we let her escape, what message will this country send to the poor, the justice is unfair?" She said in the Philippines.

Part 5 of Sandiganbayan was sentenced to 77 years imprisonment for transferring more than $ 200 million to Marcos's bank account in the private Swiss Foundation, including the beneficiary's family.

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