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At the Vital Heynen meeting of PZPS without surprise, Zawiercie's sense of Stocznia


Asseco Resovia did not protrude from the bottom of the table, but when I saw the collision with ZAKS-KA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, there was light in the tunnel. The Gheorghe Cretu (2: 3 L) team did not score Polish players for the first time this season. – We have to win at 3: 2 but we have failed again. We do not fully implement tactical assumptions and do not pay top prices – we have summarized central Resovia Marcin Możdżonek.

The best player of the meeting was Sam Deroo. The Belgian organizers won 21 points. Thirty-three players in the tournament clashed with French-born Thiago Roger. Vital Heynen came to Poland for the weekend after watching the match. In the middle of Mateusz Bieniek it is possible that ZAKS-y blocks were most interested in how many blocks. The coach promised everyone that he would give everyone a chocolate bar. The 24-year-old world champion has five occasions to defeat rivalries in the net.

The Belgian coach could not choose a better game in the seventh round. However, already in the clash of the previous game series, Resovia presented himself better than the beginning of the season. She lost to Bełchatów with PGE Skra 1: 3, but it was another fierce fight.

On Friday he will meet Trefl in Gdansk (broadcast at 18:00, Polsat Sport News). The Andrei Anastasi team lost to Saturday's match against Jastrzębski Węgiel 0: 3 and was the first meeting Heynen saw. The World Champion of the Year has played several times in two meetings. You may also see potential executives. Especially good players such as Maciej Muzaj, Grzegorz Kosok, Szymon Jakubiszak, Mateusz Mika, Mateusz Masłowski, Łukasz Kaczmarek and Łukasz Wiśniewski may have been considered. The wide team will be useful when the Polish national team has a long schedule for qualifying for the Olympic Games next year.

The next season, Red and White will lead to Hayenen. No doubt this is not surprising anyone. The Belgian contract with the Polish Volleyball Association was made at the end of each season and in a way that one of the contracting parties could withdraw the contract without cost. So the others and the 49-year-old coach say they do not know what to do in the 2019 World Cup finals. Last Friday – Using his club VfB Friedrichs-Haffen, he could not play last weekend. He held a meeting with the PZPS authorities. But that's just the format.

Surprisingly, the competition between Virtu Warta Zawiercie and Stocznia Szczecin is over. PlusLiga's favorite West Pomeranian team lost 0: 3. Bartosz Kurek, Matej Kazijski, and Nicholas Hoag played in the band. The main character was Grzegorz Bociek. A 27-year-old offensive host scored 25 points and was almost 64% attacked. Three aces with effect. In turn, he ran below average.

PlusLiga, Round 7

Indykpol AZS Olsztyn – Chemist Bydgoszcz 3: 0 (30:28, 25:17, 26:24),

Jastrzębski Węgiel – Trefl Gdańsk 3: 0 (25:22, 25:16, 25:18),

Asseco Resovia – ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Kočle 2: 3 (13:25, 26:28, 25:20, 25:23, 18:20),

Cuprum Lubin – PGE Skra Bełchatów 0: 3 (16:25, 17:25, 22:25),

Warta Zawiercie – Stocznia Szczecin 3: 0 (26:24, 25:23, 26:24).

On Sunday evening, it matches MKS Będzin – ONICO Warsaw and Cerrad Czarni Radom – GKS Katowice.

After the World Cup Vital Hainen: Heinen: The goal was the first six games. I could not believe we won.

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