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Bartłomiej Borcz distances Kult. Fixtures have worked with the team for many years.


The website of the Department of Cultural Heritage has released a list of companies co-funded by the Cultural Assistance Fund (FWK). Many were angry with the large sums he awarded to some artists. Some of the critics said they didn’t want to get paid, especially because it would be more useful for medical services fighting the coronavirus. Kazik Staszewski, leader of the Kult band, has posted a criticism of collecting funds.

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His longtime colleague Bartłomiej Borcz responded to the musician’s critical remarks.

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Kazik Staszewski

Illuminator Kulttu does not want to work with the team.

In a post posted on Facebook by Bartłomiej Borcz, I read:

You can find the rest of the article under the video.

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The company of lighting experts was to receive 30,000 people. PLN of the Cultural Assistance Fund until Minister Piotr Gliński decides to block the funding.

Photo: Facebook / BartłomiejBorcz

Bartłomiej Borcz after cooperation with Kult

Orzeleniowiec told Wirtualna Polska that he would no longer work with the team.

The post that Bartłomiej Borcz declared the end of cooperation with Kazik Staszewski’s band disappeared.

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