Wednesday , June 7 2023

Bavaria. Arjen Robben commented on the club's nervous atmosphere.


Arjen Robben recently admitted he was not bored in Bayern Munich. – Every day new news comes out – he said in an interview today that he will broadcast on the ARD station mentioned by

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As a German champion can not go back to victory, the result is a thicker atmosphere around the team, and every few days there is more information that does not help control the crisis.

– It's in the 10th season in Bavaria. I do not know if you've experienced it before. New things are coming out every day. The Dutch wingman acknowledged not only football but also secondary problems.

Robben has weakened his position as coach of the German media, saying he does not respect Nico Kovacs. The Dutch coach took a critical coach to the defense.

– He is very ambitious and working hard, but I have to say clearly. Bayern Munich manager Robben is not easily stressed.

Currently, Bayern is well below expectations and Robben is well aware of this. – At present we simply can not talk about titles because they are not enough.

The Dutch put a lot of weight on the success of Bavaria, but after the recent season, they say goodbye to the Munich club. His contract expires in June 2019. "After the adventure with Bayern, it will not mean the end of my life," he said.


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