Wednesday , February 8 2023

BMW is preparing a difficult Brexit


Preparing for the effects of Brexit, BMW said on Wednesday that Harald Krueger, chief executive of Harald Krueger, a British aircraft carrier option.

The BMW Group owns a mini brand and has a factory in Oxford. Plants in southern England produce about 60%. All copies of Mini models. Some of the production needs were produced in nearby Swindon, but the factory relies heavily on imported parts from Germany.

If the contract is not reached, transportation through the channel is difficult (Calais-Dover section), which negatively affects the continuity of the supply. The long-term border check in France is bad information about all factories where the goods have to arrive on time.

BMW Group representatives still hope that Britain remains part of the EU common market. Not long ago, the German Guardian reported that the German company would shut down the Mini factory within one month after the difficult Brexit. After the current Black Scenario, the air supply is closed to provide additional functionality for the company.

BMW also owns Roll-Royce with factories in Goodwood. Cars are still being produced in British territory. Swindon, Burnaston, Sunderland, Dogs Group (Vauxhall Hall in Ellesmere)

The term Brexitu is scheduled for March 29, 2019, but discussions on exit in the UK's European Union are still in progress.

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