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Dominika Konował from “Hotel Paradise” in a wedding dress! Enigmatic signature below. “We don’t know something?” -Szołbiznes-MAXXX news


Will Dominika Konował get married in the second version of “Hotel Paradise”? When she appeared in a white dress, it caused quite a bit of excitement. There was also an opinion from Bartek Graczyk!

Dominika Konował of “Hotel Paradise 2” in a white dress

Dominika Konował, “Hotel Paradise” 2nd edition participant, She was amazed by the last Instagram post. The star of the reality dating show has appeared In a white dress! To my observer We present two different models:

Wondering which dress I chose?

She also posted it under the entry. Hashtag “bride” And Fr. “Wedding plan”. It has happened quite Agitation among watchersWho overwhelmed Dominica’s profile with comments.

Are Dominica and Vatech at “Hotel Paradise 2” planning a wedding?

Even the most loyal fans of Dominica did not hide the fact that the sight surprised them a little. There were also commentators Other participants of “Hotel Paradise”. Viola Nowasielska in the first edition of the program wrote:

We don’t know something?

Łukasz Karpiński in the second edition Instead, he posted a heart under the Konował entry.. She answered the same. Also had Commentary by Bartek Graczyk, Dominika’s program partner.

Did you know you are not lucky?

-He wrote as a riddle.

This created a wave of speculation.

newly married couple?

Bartek, what are you not bragging about?

-Internet users are starting to ask.

soon Dominika himself said. By responding to Bartek’s words, it aroused emotions.

I thought you wouldn’t see. I have a few more options on my sleeve

-Mentioned provocatively.

Then surprise me now

Graczyk replied.

Interestingly, more appeared. Comments on “Paradise Hotel” participants suggest plans to live together. So, do Konował and Graczyk really have serious plans for a common future?

I thought 3city

-Revealed by Bartek.

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