Monday , November 30 2020

I am not interested in Nokia. But he will find his buyers.

Nokia 1 was a much cheaper phone in HMD Global and Nokia's smartphone portfolio. It seems to have a successor to a somewhat shocking specification. Few people imagine using equipment that is characterized by weak components. However, there are markets where such devices are simply sold. If you get a little worse, you want to participate in technology advancement. However, they can not buy expensive high-end equipment. Often the problem is to even buy the medium.

Reading value: MWC 2019's Nokia 9 PureView!

Nokia 1 Plus will be the new generation of the cheapest mobile devices. Subsequent models of the "One" will provide a 5-inch large screen with better resolution. However, some values ​​remain the same. If you hear rumors about the specs on the cheapest device, MediaTek can enjoy up to 1GB of RAM and CPU. It's a bit better than the previous version. "All have Android 9 Pie Go Edition, which is supposed to work with a weak structure, but it's hard to say … what comfort you get when using this device with your equipment … I will not buy such a phone because I'm afraid. It is.


These phones are needed in the mobile market. Nokia 1 Plus is mainly sold in emerging markets.

We tend to choose devices with the best equipment as mobile phones, computers, and new technology enthusiasts. However, as mentioned above, some consumers feel happy to "hug" very poor buildings from our standpoint. For Nokia, Coconut Finnish Duo certainly can not win, but such a strategy is very important.

However, Nokia 1 Plus is not attractive to people who can not afford the best architecture. Imagine a situation where you need as simple a phone as possible. But at the same time, we feel a little offended by the "dumb phone", which has lost a lot of intelligent features known as smartphones. It may be reasonable to buy a very weak phone in terms of specifications. We will not be sorry if we break or lose such equipment. We will be able to call him, write SMS, but also write to IM, write email. Of course, we will not be proud to be a beautiful photographer in Instagram, but this design is not.

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