Saturday , June 25 2022

Instagama's Monika Miller, thank you for your help after your father's death.


Information on the son of former prime minister came out on Monday, August 27. Leszek Miller Junior died in the morning. Her father's death was confirmed by Instiger Monika Miller. Two months after this event, the topic is still up to date thanks to Internet users. Some of them blame the former prime minister's granddaughter. She informed about social media.

"Difficult exaggeration"

"It's already exaggerated that many people think of me as the worst, write great horror about me, and are actually funny, but they are trying to simulate what happened and finish it on me. " – I wrote Monica Miller.

However, there are some who want to be the granddaughter of the former prime minister. Thank you for your message in the last post. "It's too motivating to know there are still good people in the world," she said. "Do not worry about me, it's much better in my life, and many things have gone in a better direction, and some amazing things I have not talked about yet, but without you it will not be the same." – summary.

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Leszek Miller remembers his dead son. He showed an unknown picture.

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