Monday , December 6 2021

Michał Dworczyk: We could sign a coalition agreement in Lower Silesia – Wiadomości


We have spent many days in the development program in this area. We are very happy that this agreement is not only an opportunity for the development of sub-Silesia, but also a proof that we can talk about the benefits to the region in the political sector in Poland. Although we are politically different, our goals were the same. Michał Dworczyk.

On behalf of non-partisan local governments,

– We agreed that the Marshal should propose a non-partisan autonomous government. Two commissioners are proposals to the non-partisan government, and PiS will have the rights to two vice-presidents and regional council chairmen, Michał Dworczyk said.

Meanwhile, Robert Raczyński, a representative of the nonpartisan local government, stressed that the autonomous government had proposed the current commander of the State of Silesian Province Cezary Przybylski for several weeks. He has proven himself in negotiations, and he has many features that make it open to dialogue and dialogue, he said.

Copsey is "the key of understanding"

Robert Raczyński said in a press conference that the union agreement was signed at PiS and the Vojvodship regional agreement between the autonomous governments, "The core of the agreement should be a government concession on the copper tax".

– This agreement concludes that the tax has been reduced by 15%. Satisfying us from April 1 is satisfying us because we do not have to explain the taxes and local budgets that seriously destroy Lower Silesia's copper branch and all its budgets. "Said Robert Raczyński.

Michał Dworczyk: A story about unity in many places

During his press conference at Sejm, the Secretary of State was asked by journalists whether the alliance in the country was still underway or was already over. – Dialogue continues from the Vatican to Parliament. Said Michał Dworczyk.

He pointed out that PiS hopes the Lower Silesia will be a good example of the party's cooperation. After all, we talked to a member of the PSL who was elected, and he made a declaration of cooperation – he stressed. PiS-Non-Party This is about a member of Lower Silesian Seym-Miroslaw Lubinski City Council, who is declared ready to work with the local government coalition.

Michał Dworczyk also requested that all lawmakers elected from the PO list cooperate.


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