Wednesday , June 7 2023

New recipes. PLN fine for up to 5,000 owners


Running dogs "block"A carefree owner somewhere on the street. Is the picture you see often correct? It is worth knowing recently that such situations could be much more for pet owners "expensive". Everything is due to the change of Misdemeanors. One of the amended provisions relates to leaving the dog uninterested. I left him without a leash and a muzzle.

According to the changes that took effect on November 15, the owner of the threat can pay up to $ 5,000. PLN It's okay. He will also be punished for freedom or disciplinary restrictions. If the animal is considered not to pose a threat, the penalty is one thousand won. gold. In addition to taking your dog out for a walk without leashes and muzzle, you should also be aware of the situation in which the animal escapes from the premises.

The dog owner of the most dangerous varieties should be especially careful. Such things are considered among other things. Rottweiler, American bulldog, Argentine dog and white shepherds.

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