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Picasso reminds me of his personality


And I meet Andrzej Żuławski at the Mozaika cafe in Mokotów. We agreed to interview his family there. Favorite cafes for filmmakers-after all, various film associations are based in Puławska. Very elegant and beautiful person came in. He was 56 and still looked good.

Did you see each other later?

When interviewed 5 times, always for the next 20 years. This relationship was professional and there was no personal information between us. So I was able to write his biography.

Can't someone nearby do that?

Andrzej Żuławski will be difficult because it is not an easy friend.

Because the book depicted the secrets of friends?

Yes. Many of the conversations that took place between him and his partner later appeared in his novels.

Andrzej Żuławski with his brother Matheus (photo: private archive)
Andrzej Żuławski with his brother Matheus (photo: private archive)

Why did he do this?

I do not know especially because it was very insufficient. His partner blamed him. Best of all, Nela, a mysterious but present figure who remains anonymous in my book. After four years of acquaintance, she ended her relationship with Zhu Wowski. Because he was afraid that everything he said would be written on paper through him. Her story was dramatic and wept during the conversation. He knew not only how to become a monster, but also an attractive, witty and generous person. He gave Nella a gift, bought clothes and said goodbye to the car. Love and hate, love and hate. Attract. When you think about his personality, Picasso comes to mind. I was able to both create and destroy.

Who was not hurt by the ironic explanation in his book?

Andrzej Jaroszewicz, Andrzej Seweryn, Daniel Olbrychski and Andrzej Korzyński. Although he was once unpleasant to the latter despite not having a friend's fault. Zuuwarski attacked people who he thought were insufficient. But he measured infidelity.

What did the composer do?

They were young and started their careers. Korzyński appeared faster as a composer than Żuławski as a director. Money came faster as the hits of the first album "Yellow Calendar" or "Love" were sung throughout Poland. Then one day I picked up a ski and saw a new car outside my friend's house. It was enough.


That way he came to him when he bought the car himself.

I asked why he pissed off some people in "Potty" .- Krzysztof Kieślowski is the master of kitsch, Agnieszka Holland is a competent screenwriter, but Wisława Szymborska is not the best poem writer, Kutz-chic director, Krzysztof Zanussi tie and Englert It is better not to see and Zapasiewicz. And he said that because the work of these people bored him, he wrote honestly and honestly. You may be biting. Interestingly, he respected his boyfriend.

Żuławski with Małgorzata Braunek and son Xawery (photo personal archive)
Żuławski with Małgorzata Braunek and son Xawery (photo personal archive)

For example, Beata Tyszkiewicz can not say.

In her case, in the category of talents, she distinguished beautiful breasts, and then described them as compliments, because the body is an actor's tool. Remember Valerie Kaprisky from "Public Woman" and the dances she performs. She is wonderful in this scene! Can she achieve the same effect even if she dresses and dances? I do not think so. His actress tells how he could fantastically lead them on the set. And they won the most important awards at the festival, not the main warski.

Małgorzata Braunek noted that she developed into an actress thanks to her role in picking up skis. But did he not treat her objectively?

In the film he has a certain function, so the actor will always be treated so by the director. The director sets the sound.

Katarzyna Mertha, who published almost all the books of Zuwarsky, believes that she is looking at the world through women, and it was his lens that focused on all matters. He was also cruel in the set. Isabelle Adjani threatened to kill her if she didn't wear an allergic lens. She became ill with this role, but did a fantastic performance. Valerie Kaprisky said she would thank Skie for picking up the rest of her life for what she taught her.

What exactly

Act and treat the body as an important means of expression. In the seventies, Żuławski was shocked by the naturalistic approach to the body, the scene of the "devil" was described as indiscriminate, and they discussed the delivery in the "third part of the night". Decades later, artists like Lars von Trier will shoot much more violent movies. Looking at his "House built by Jack", picking up skis is typical of accuracy and mildness.

He ordered the actors to learn the activities that they later performed in the film. Stefan Friedmann had to take a violin lesson.

He was indignant at first because he thought he did not need to play. He was an actor, not a musician. But Zuuski enrolled him in class, and as if that was not enough, he asked the teacher about the progress of education. Friedmann was afraid like a real school.

Did the actors like to work with him?

Although I think some people like Bogusław Linda do not have good memories.

Sophie Marceau and Andrzej Żuławski (photo personal archives)
Sophie Marceau and Andrzej Żuławski (photo personal archives)

What happened to Linda?

They did not go up on the set. Żuławski accused Linda of not learning the text and being in an intellectual state. On the other hand there was a tense atmosphere. Żuławski was jealous of her scenes with Iwona Petra and Linda. He can be a tyrant. In one of the interviews, he thought it would rush, excite and annoy everyone. And he made the way.

Did you feel good in Poland?

He felt the Polish and was at home, but did he feel good? He was not loved by the film community or decision makers.

Because he is smart and from the west?

Too. He was different and did not grow up in Poland. In this book I recall the story of how Emilia Krakowska came to Obori in the 1960's with Andrzej Żuławski and his father running a creative workshop. The writers who stayed there preferred to pick up skis, wondering the story of life in the West. And he was talking about fantastic French cuisine, the food they heard on their way to Poland, and until I could not hear it, Ireneusz Iredyński knocked on the door, cursed and breathed. Emilia beat it too. She knew that people without food picked up and heard skiing. Andrzej Krakowski, a friend of Andrzej, a young man living in the United States at the same time, defends Żuławski. He simply talked about his life, everyday life. He did not know that this would be treated as proud. He had no other life.

What did he not like?

He was a rebellious artist and always expressed his opinion and did not compromise.

And he mentioned a political event, for example, March 68.

As a result, censorship in 1972 stopped the movie "The Devil". It was not seen until 16 years had passed. Żuławski was not liked by the Polish authorities.

But he decided to come back here.

Because he dreamed of working with Andrzej Wajda. His "Generation" impressed young Andrzej. While studying film in France, he wrote a thesis for "Canal". The director met with Roman Polański, and he told Zuda that "this will be your new assistant". And that's it.

Wajda later strongly criticized his "third part of the night".

He told him to rebuild it. Luckily Żuławski did not listen. He showed a war different from that of the time in "Transmission of the Day". He universally demystified Polish heroism, showing the fate of knowledge and awkwardness in the face of the collapse of the world, as communist propaganda wanted. The film is on screen, but there are eight copies from all over Poland!

Why was there so much darkness and evil that seemed strong in his films? Is it because of the war?

possible. He grew up in a difficult situation. As a child during the war, my parents took me to the basement with my arms and heard the bombs falling. And when he had to be home alone, his mother told him to stand by the chair and hold it by hand. He could not move. He stood peeing on the floor, but did not let go of the chair. It is trauma to young children. Adding images of people filmed on the streets of Lviv, the atmosphere of fear, this can be combined with his film.

Żuławski had a difficult relationship with his parents (photo personal archives)
Żuławski had a difficult relationship with his parents (photo personal archives)

How was Skie's attitude toward his parents?

complicated. He loved them but it was a difficult love. He wanted to see a hero from his father, but anyone who could join the Communist Party after the war and have a diplomatic career could not be a hero in his eyes. Of course, what would Andrzej's life be like if his father was not a diplomat?

Żuławski could not live or study in Paris.

exactly. In a recent book published in France in 2017, he wrote that he began to understand his father at the end of his life. He forgave him. And he began to build a myth about himself. He wanted to make him a hero and cast him as a free fighter in Vietnam. I confirmed-it is fantastic. It was a pretty woman and he was jealous to attract the attention of his mother, who liked it when the world wandered her (and even men). He felt rejected.

Andrzej's brother Mateusz thinks he's looking for his mother in the following relationship: He personified Barbara Baranowska, the first woman he married, with warmth and motherhood.

You also write about his mother that she cannot show affection.

Andrzej and his brothers both do not refer to mothers as devoted to raising children. In Paris, she wanted above all to regain her youth lost in war. The next nanny took care of the boys. In Andrzej Żuławski's book it is difficult to ignore the description of the mother. In "My Testament" he was called an actress who played her life, and when she lost beauty and grace, she escaped into a delusional disease. His father's death is a drama for him, a transition from the mother's only natural destiny.

Was your father the authority of the film when writing? In the end, Mieczysław published the book and was the author of the film script.

Surely although his father was not in this house, he was locked in his office and typed, even when he was physically there. This image, which the son inherited from the father, became another great absentee in the life of the son.

Was skiing a liar?

He imagines. An artist who lacks imagination!

But he misled the readers.

I juxtaposed his statements with the facts and often confused myself. He created fantasy paintings such as the death of his uncle Grandpa, Jersey and Ski, who joined the legion in 1915. In Andrzej's version, Jerzy died on the battlefield of Konary, and the bullet pierced the poem in a uniform pocket written for his youngest son Wawrzyniec, as well as his mind. Photos in mind. But in fact, Jerzy died of typhoid in a military hospital.

He misunderstood that he played a kind of game not only for readers, but also for journalists. I was sacrificed to her.

Pick Up Ski Family (photo personal archive)
Pick Up Ski Family (photo personal archive)

Did he lie to you in the interview?

He said things that are hard to see. He said he lived with his parents in the barracks shortly after the war. Well, then it could happen. I saw it in the writing stage. It turned out that there was no barracks. The writer lived in the stately townhouse of Lodz, where Adam Ważek, with Leon Pasternak, conducted as needed. But Władysław Broniewski also lived there.

Is his greatest love Braunek?

No, Ewa Tuwim, at least he has written and idealized it all his life. He met his daughter, adopted by a poet as a teenager in 1952. He recalled that he was almost stunned by cinema's accidental brushstrokes. Framed Ewa's picture stood on the bookshelf in his room for the rest of his life. When he was in Paris, she moved to Sweden. They never met again.

And Braunek?

He loved her and did not talk to each other after they left, but remained faithful to her in a strange way. A few years later after the conversation, he asked if he was watching the "nad rozlewowisko" series. I replied that in principle I do not see the series. "But why? Jia is playing there …"

Why are you cheating her? Like other partners

Do not judge me.

Many people considered him a showbizant. correctly?

He was misogyny. The girls did not have much to talk with him. In any case, he chose young girls who could form as partners. He was educated, taught, and shaped like a Pygmalion, and when they were formed, the relationship ended. He was worse for those who knew his value.

He was once visited by his brother. Andrzej was related to the author. My brother thought it was a union of two intellectuals, mainly linked by literature and philosophy. And they respect each other. Meanwhile, during this visit, picked up the skis, took a sponge for washing dishes and pushed it into the hands of the girl. The intended content is: She did not say that he was the smartest person he ever met.

Did he have a problem with alcohol?

Unfortunately it is. If it wasn't for alcohol, Żuławski's life path might be different. His brothers explain it by genes. Their mother grandfather, like Andrzej's brother, his mother, Kukasz, died of drinking and suffered from alcoholism. He was the enemy of alcohol in his first movie.

Aleksandra Szarłat's book was published by Agora Publishing House (press release).
Aleksandra Szarłat's book was published by Agora Publishing House (press release).

When is this change?

Difficult to say The brothers believe that alcohol has always been in his life. On the other hand, in the Polish Republic, everyone was drinking. Such antidote to friendship.

Andrzej Żuławski provokes even after his death. The Gdynia festival rarely allowed major film competitions based on scripts directed by Xawery Żuławski.

Andrzej Żuławski was a half-system throughout his life. He always had his opinion and was not afraid to speak. He did not count and did not take into account the results. He was looking for freedom of art at any price. I think my son is going the same way.


Met Andrzej Żuławski twice. In 2010, Krytyka Polityczna released his vicious "Potty". As a messenger I handed him the first copy of the book. He told me to sit down and started watching the novel. "But a storm will come!" A year later I met Żuławski at the premiere of Krzysztof Skonieczny on stage "The Silver Globe" in Komuna / Warsaw. I sat next to Mr Andrzej, who was always drinking whiskey from the bottle (and asked, “Would I drop a drop?”) Changed in my script! What are you doing?!

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Alexandra Szarwat. Authors and authors such as "The World of Andrzej Fidyk", "The First Lady of the Third Polish Republic" and "Celebrities of the Time". She worked with others. She worked as head of the cultural department of the monthly "Twój Styl" for seven years in "Sztandar Młodych" (since 1991) and has been interviewing artists in "Gala" every other week since 2007.

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