Saturday , June 3 2023

RMF: Marek Jakubiak leaves Kukizet15


Marek Jakubiak leaves the club Kukiz 15 – reported reporter RMF FM Patryk Michalski. One month's deputy is expected to inform the political future. Today, at 22 o'clock, a statement on social media is issued. Jakubiak Kukiz15 nominated for mayor of Warsaw. In the air, he announced plans to create his own party.

The public learned the Kukiz conflict 15 last Friday through Twitter. Jakub Kulesza informed him that he left Kukiz and joined the party of Janusz Korwin-Mikke Freedom. The most important reason for leaving is that he was unable to cooperate with Dariusz Pitas, the deputy head of Kukiz's Movement.

In response to his departure, Jakubiak expressed hopes on Twitter that we will still hear about it. He also expected this expectation from Adam Andruszkiewicz, who had previously left the Kukiz & # 39; 15 movement. The deputy of the former members of the Kukiz15 described themselves as "the sons of Sejm" and assessed that they "are clearly not suitable for vegetation".

Kukiz said the words of Jakubiak, who wrote: "Marek, follow them, if you want, breweries and directors in the army: you spent all 30,000 in the Warsaw Campaign (twice as much as I did in Parliament):. Kukiz wished Jacob's fortune ironically. "Look, Kulesza and Andruszkiewicz soldiers :-)" – added the politician.

In the tweet reply to the next Jakobi, Kukiz wrote, "My son, I mean what is with Cornell and the second Korwinn." Question: Born or Fertilize These Beautiful Creatures ­čÖé "(Original Spell – PAP).

Kukiz reported on Saturday that many of his former colleagues have access to his account, and these are not his words.

Marek Jakubiak has recently spoken of the scandalous tweets of Paweł Kukiz at RMF FM in Morning Talk. To view and read every conversation HERE.

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