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Rydzyk was hit hard in Poland. There is no chance.


Tadeusz Rydzyk is ready to issue his list before being elected to the European Parliament. Torun's Redemptorist has not confirmed the media coverage so far. We know how the Polish think about this plan. The conclusion is shocking to Rydzyk's bride.

Tadeusz Rydzyk maintains close ties with Polish politicians. Three years ago, his media (Radio Maryja, TV Trwam, Nasz Dziennik) actively supported politicians and lawyers in the campaign. Recent local elections lacked similar support from the Redemptorist media. This led to a massive split, or to maintain a non-toxic alliance between Rydzyk and Jarosław Kaczyński.

These scenarios were established by Rzeczpospolita last week. On the basis of a statement by anonymous PiS politicians, Rydzyk's father announced that he would prepare his electoral list before being elected to the European Parliament. So take one of the voters to the Party of Jarosław Kaczyński. The names of Marek Jurek and Mirosław Piotrowski in KUL with others.

Pillars for letters. Tadeusz Rydzyk without the support of their compatriots

Dziennik decided to ask Poles how he feels about Tadeusz Rydzyk's letter in the European Parliament election. The answer can shock Redemptorist.

"Rzeczpospolita" recalls a new SW Research study. 59% of respondents consider Rydzyk's letter a bad idea in EU parliamentary elections. He only supports 14%. respondent. The sentence on this topic is not 17%. Interviewed.

Studies show that women who oppose Rydzyk's letter are mostly women (70%). Interestingly, people over the age of 50 (79%) and people with secondary education (71%) have similar views.

One part of the text below the gallery


Tadeusz went through Rydzyk himself! These words will throw him.

Opposition collapse

The survey also adopted other criteria for simple research. earned an income of 2 to 30 thousand dollars, polish Tadeusz Rydzyk net amount (nearly three-fourths of votes), villagers voted 100-199 thousand at a similar rate. (74%).

The study was conducted on a sample of 800 people a few days ago. Rydzyk's father is crushing the application. They prove that Poland is tired and irritable because of relationships with politicians who do not adhere to such a bride.

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Eventually, Rydzyk's enormous richness was revealed! The sheep are released from the bridge.

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