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slag. What is Milik’s role in Falubaz? Rai will say the last words


Vaclav Milik signed a Warsaw contract with RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra. What is the role of the Czech Republic in the 2021 season? Piotr Żyto decides.

David Borek

David Borek

Wenceslas Millik

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During the last transfer period, the Czech representative could not find a club to sign a traditional contract. Vaclav Millik has signed a “Warsaw” contract with RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra so that they can get a loan at any time without staying on the ice.

-We signed a contract with Vaclav Milik, throwing the tape at the end of the transfer period. The player wanted to be bound by the Warsaw Pact with us and we had no problems with it. He needed Falubaz’s support and it was given to him. Radio Zielona Góra’s Wojciech Domagała says.

Will Vaclav Milik (despite a contract without a financial annex) be considered when determining the composition of the RM Solar Falubaz for the 2021 season The club president of Zielona Góra does not rule out such a possibility, but he clearly emphasizes that a binding decision will be taken by coach Piotr Zyto.

-Questions about the future of Vaclav should be directed directly to coaches and training staff, Milik currently belongs to the club of Zielona Góra. It is mid-November. We will see what will happen early next year, as season preparations take place-highlights Domagała.

Let me add that Vaclav Milik is the only contender to sign a “Warsaw” contract with RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra.

The contract “Warsaw” is the term of the contract. This is a general contract for courtesy. Thanks to these contracts, there is no grace period for the rider. If you find another employer, you can leave the loan.

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