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Monday, November 5, 2018 13:17

Real Madrid will soon sign a new sponsorship deal with Adidas. Royal people depend on record sales.

According to "Marki", Los Blancos activists plan to sign a 10-year contract with Adidas, which guarantees an annual income of 110 million euros. This means that the team from the Spanish capital for 120 months earns € 1.1 billion in this deal! The Spanish call this contract a century's covenant.

Currently Royal Owners receive the basic spawn amount of € 42 million and 10 million different variables from the technical sponsor. So the new contract is twice as expensive.

This agreement will be in force in 2020 and will last for 10 years. This means that Real can boast of the highest contract with a technical sponsor in football history. Manchester United now receives € 85 million from Adidas. Barcelona has less than 2 million fewer than Nike.


100th Anniversary Contract with Sponsor

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