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The black book of PiS rules for five years. KO gift


  • To veto the EU budget is a betrayal of the reasons for Poland’s existence, as assessed by Borys Budka. In his opinion, the destruction of Polish diplomacy and relations with EU partners are “one of the main sins of this power”.
  • Katarzyna Lubnauer, Vice Chairman of KO Club, emphasized that the “Black Book” starts in two areas: finance and health.
  • Małgorzata Tracz, co-chair of the Green Party, spoke of “Five Years of Reign of the Environment Ministry’s Saw and Ax”.
  • Barbara Nowacka pointed out that the PiS symbolically loses a majority during its five-year reign. In her opinion, you can see today that “PiS has had nightmares for the younger generation.”
  • In Lodz, MP Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska claimed that Poland was in an economic, social and political crisis after the rule of the PiS for five years.
  • Śledzińska-Katarasińska also recalled some famous and “unexplained” about the scandal of law and justice, according to her.
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A series of press conferences

On Tuesday, members of the Civil Union organized a series of press conferences across Poland, in the meantime criticizing the five-year reign of the coalition right-wing camp. On Monday, November 16, five years have passed since the pledge of Beata Szydło’s cabinet, who began the rule of ZP.

In Warsaw, the leaders of KO’s Borys Budka (PO), Barbara Nowacka (Initiative Poland), Małgorzata Tracz (Greens) and Katarzyna Lubnauer of Nowoczesna took the right to speak. In Lodz, Krakow, Lublin and Gdansk, members of the KO’s parliament also made similar speeches.

“An opposition to the EU budget is a betrayal of the reasons for Poland’s existence.”

-In foreign policy, through education, health services, public finance or the judicial system, the PiS has led Poland to the point where confusion and incompetence best portray reality. PO leader Borys Budka emphasized.

If at least some of the solutions proposed by PO and KO at that time were adopted (e.g. covid law), we would be in a different position as a country. -But the biggest concern of Polish women and Polish people is that the PiS is trying to get Poland out of the EU.

As he assessed, the threat that Poland would veto the federal “very good budget” became a reality, which gave us hope to escape Poland’s economic crisis as we would be the biggest beneficiaries of the reconstruction fund. Can give.

-Unfortunately, PiS once again prioritized internal political interests and power camp games over national interests, emphasizing PO leaders.

-It should be clarified that refusing the budget and opposing the creation of a reconstruction fund is a betrayal of Poland’s reasons for its existence, and it is an act against the country for its own special political interests.

He stressed that destroying Polish diplomacy and relations with EU partners is “one of the main sins of this authority.” “But there are more sins,” he stressed.

“I need to make another black book”

KO delegates Katarzyna Lubnauer (Nowoczesna), Małgorzata Tracz (Greens) and Barbara Nowacka (Poland Initiative) cited examples of the negative achievements of the PiS government on health, environmental protection and education.

KO Club’s Vice Chairman Katarzyna Lubnauer stressed that the “Black Book” begins in two areas: finance and health. -Health clearly shows what PiS has not done or done badly in 5 years.

-We see health care collapse best during the coronavirus outbreak. She claimed that health services were not fully prepared for the epidemic. -So I care about buying a respirator from a weapon dealer, I ran out of masks, and at first I was only able to do the tests in two labs.

According to Lubnauer, another black book should be created in the near future: “The Polish Book of the Age of COVID 19”.

Despite the boom, according to the Treasury chief, “the grasshopper policy made us in debt at the fastest rate in relation to all European countries in 2020.” -We owe 500 billion to the state for the payouts our kids will pay, and as a result of the changes introduced by the PiS we will be receiving a hunger pension-Lubnauer assessed.

Now, she added, “if we lose 100 billion dollars in our European budget as a result of the veto, “we will lose as much as we spend annually on health care.”

“Rule saw and shaft”

Małgorzata Tracz, co-chair of the Green Party, spoke of “Five Years of Reign of the Environment Ministry’s Saw and Ax”. -The Ministry of Environment evaluated that it has become a management center for environmental destruction policies in Poland. She, among others, the ruins of the Białowieża forest and the law “lex Szyszko”, “the slaughter of Polish trees in the city”, the law “lex developers”, an attempt to reduce the Świętokrzyski National Park, amendments to the law on renewable energy.

According to Tracz, the fight against ASF was also unsuccessful, during which time “a wild boar was shot in large numbers with the help of the army”. -But, out of a total of 50,000 wild boars, only 300 were infected with ASF, so it completely failed.

-Our publication also shows the failure of the PiS government in the fight for energy transition, the fight against the climate crisis, and the fight against drought and its consequences,-said the head of the Greens.

“PiS gave the younger generation nightmares”

Barbara Nowacka pointed out that the PiS symbolically loses a majority during its five-year reign. -Our publications show this government’s neglect in all possible areas, but everyone who feels the impact of the pandemic today sees it not only in health services, but also in the fields of labor market, social policy and education-stressed MP.

In her opinion, you can see today that “PiS has had nightmares for the younger generation.” -The transformation of education, consisting of the liquidation of junior high schools, has broken down opportunities for many to get out of small environments, sometimes from worse school and better preparation for professional life.

In her opinion, the PiS government has not prepared people to prepare for digital transformation. The leaders of the Polish initiative-they took care of themselves and took care of themselves. The only thing they did well was breaking the law-said the leader of the Polish initiative. -Enacted today, can be seen on the street, and the new majority say they don’t want this power and ailing PiS status,-Nowacka pointed out.

“Errors, omissions, scams and scams”

In Lodz, MP Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska claimed that Poland was in an economic, social and political crisis after the rule of the PiS for five years. According to her, this is not just the fault of the plague. -This epidemic reveals all errors, omissions, frauds and all distortions of the five-year rule of law and justice-claimed KO agents.

She also pointed to “collapse” in areas such as education, finance, justice, foreign policy, and defense. She also accused the rulers of “nepotism, deceit, pride and arrogance.”

Śledzińska-Katarasińska also recalled the celebrity “inexplicable” in her opinion the “scandal” of law and justice entitled “100 Scandals of Pis” included in the document prepared by KO, as she said . She talked about scandals involving former health minister Łukasz Szumowski, among others, presidential elections in May (held by letter), SKOK scandals, CBA scandals “losing 10 million PLNs”, and scandals involving NIK President Marian Banas. Śledzińska-Katarasińska-we were able to rule by a loser who neglected the truth very much.

“We only live on credit in recent years”

In Krakow, Marek Sowa (KO) criticized the current governing team for the public finance situation. As he said, the PiS government has increased its debt by PLN 450 billion at the end of this year compared to the end of 2015, and expects an additional PLN of 200 billion in debt by 2021. -In recent years we only live on credit-stressed Sowa. He added that the role of the Treasury Department is marginalized, and that PiS “is trying to finance everything outside of the budget.”

Sowa also accused PiS politicians of “jumping into the Treasury Department”. -Today, the state treasury company is only 70%. The company’s value has decreased by PLN 90 billion. This is clearly related to the qualities of the managerial positions entrusted to these companies. KO politician pointed out.

“PiS was not prepared for the coronavirus pandemic.”

Deputy General Manager Aleksander Miszalski, in turn, spoke of the PiS’s unmet promise in healthcare, particularly with regard to: The specialists line up and return dental and medical services from school. He pointed out that the abolition of the IVF program and announced health care expenditures increased by 6%. GDP compared to the state budget two years ago, not the current budget.

He also added that PiS has increased Foby Art Hospital’s debt from PLN 100 to 15 billion. -Any action taken by PiS in the healthcare system systematically increases the debt of Polish hospitals,-said Miszalski. As he emphasized, “PiS was not prepared for the coronavirus pandemic.” -Tested per million citizens on average of 140,000 people from the time the epidemic began in Poland We are ranked 39th out of 49 countries in Europe, with 280,000 jobs being performed in Europe, which is twice the average. Tests per million inhabitants-Miszalski stressed that we are not doing enough tests. -We have the highest percentage of positive tests-60%. Recently he added.

“People who work in the medical service were shamelessly robbed”

KO politicians pointed out that the PiS is blocking the publication of the Journal of Laws and the so-called entry into force. A covid law that provides special allowances to healthcare workers. -Mateusz Morawiecki robs medics, paramedics, nurses and doctors every week for 3 weeks. These people who work in health care were shamelessly robbed by him during this extremely difficult time.

The health service status was also discussed at a meeting of KO representatives in Lublin. MP Marta Wcisło described the condition of health care as “catastrophic.” As she said, the current government cannot cope with the epidemic, and the situation at SOR, sanitation and medical centers, and regional blood donation and blood treatment centers is “dramatic”. -Hospital debt has increased. Hospital debt in 2015 was PLN 1.82 billion, and at the end of 2019 PLN 1.436 billion. 75% in 2017. Hospitals have very few financial problems with liquidity and are now around 95%. Said the Hospital-Alliance MP.

Michał Krawczyk (KO) pointed out that Polish people should use personal medical services more and more often. He booked that he was talking about the period before the coronavirus outbreak. -Apart from the public health system, the number of Polish people who additionally insure themselves for quick and effective treatment is increasing every year. Currently they are 3 million. Poles spend 45 billion zloty per year on private health care, and this amount is increasing every year. He adds, because the waiting times for appointments with experts increase every year. -Last year, on average, it took almost four months-said Krawczyk.

“Justice reform turned out to be a failure”

In Gdansk, MEP Agnieszka Pomaska ​​and Małgorzata Chmiel held a meeting, in particular: The situation of the judiciary and foreign policy. In Pomaska’s opinion, “there is nothing left” in the PiS’s election promise. According to her, the reform of the judiciary ended in failure. -I noticed that the waiting time for hearings increased from 4 months to almost 7 months. Courts and Constitutional Courts were politicized, pointed out by the MP.

Po Maska referred to foreign policy and now assessed it as “a truly national policy to flex the muscles.” -When Prime Minister Moravieki went to Brussels or other European capitals (except Budapest), it makes no sense at all and no one is with him. In addition, Pomaska ​​emphasized that we are threatened by the withdrawal of EU funds because the Polish government already knows that our country will be violated.

Małgorzata Chmiel asked, “Where are the 100,000 apartments promised by this government five years ago?” -Currently we have “flat minus”, not “flat plus”. Because the laws introduced by the PiS and amendments to these laws came directly from the People’s Republic of Poland.

Press conferences were held on Tuesday in Opole, Olsztyn, Torun and Zesu with the slogan “Five Years of PIS Reign”.

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