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The government and TVP are silent about the nationalists for the march, and they are angry.


Success usually has many fathers, and anyone who has passed through holy independence through Warsaw has undoubtedly been successful in attendance. According to the police, up to 250,000 people participated in the police. people. What are the advantages of marching attendance? This quickly became the subject of disputes.

The government is talking about success, but as the name implies, the Independence March Association, which organizes the march of nationalists, is not mentioned. This year was planned by them for a long time, but after the march ban issued by Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (eventually abolished by court editors), the authorities announced that they would participate in the parade. They negotiated with the nationalists, but no exact negotiation took place.

At the start of the march on November 11, representatives and guests were separated from the VIP's "buffer zone". The remaining class members are Independent Agents March and ONR banners. There are no official data on how many people will be participating in the Independent March, as many participants have stayed in the white marches and marches of the government. The police provided only a total of 250,000 data. The march is a smoker.

"There is no symbol of national organization"

The government march ended officially at the Washington roundabout when VIPs left the limo. The nationalists went further to the National Stadium and the organizers spoke and the concert was held.

After all, the government thanked the march. The Prime Minister of the Prime Minister, Director of Michał Dworczyk, was grateful to the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and the "Gazeta Polska" club and participant club. He did not mention the march of independence.

This march was of a national character – said Andrzej Dera of President Chancellery.

He emphasized that certain events should be at the national level – here is a quote:

No association or agency has exclusive rights for Christmas.

The interior ministry's Pawe³ Szefernaker wrote:

At 17:30 between the Dmowski roundabout and the Washington intersection, there are hundreds of thousands of people with white and red flags. There is no symbol of national organization "

He stressed that the participants were "invited by the president and the prime minister." Reporter Jacek Czarnecki responded to the best reporter 's greetings at 17:11. They are visible at different times of the march.

At this meeting, the Interior Minister thanked the other ministries and attendees who attended the Warsaw celebration. He also did not mention the organizers of the March of Independence. "It's definitely worth the condemnation, but there are limits," he added. It is worth pointing out that the nationalists burned their flags and said nothing wrong. ± mocking From the fact that the police are charging it

"It is not your march."

The nationalists in the environment that organized the march of independence saw the Sunday event differently than the government page. Robert Winnicki, head of the national movement, told that the government "joined the march."

The previous powers fought against the march of independence, and now I want to conclude his success. – Winkie said.

He added that "racial, fierce opposition to the EU, foreign nationalists, or banners of Catholic and state organizations" belongs to the nature of marching.

Comments from others on commenting on Dworczyk's position:

And where did the Thanksgiving Day of the Association of the March come from?

Or thanks to the nationalists for their courtesy.

It was not your march.

"Today there are two marches through Warsaw: the President's march (about 5,000 people separated by MN by Ämarmarmeria Wojskowa) and the grassroots independence March (about 250,000 people, pictured below) organized for many years" – that is Młodzież Wszechpolska's official account. The position of the nationalists was given more. All-Polish Youth President Ziemowit Przebitkowski's official account and Twitter on the march of independence.

"Incorrect entry of the president"

This is not the end of the dispute over the turnout. The man Andrzej Duda also entered. It began with the fact that as part of the summary, the police wrote on Twitter that there were 6,000 people at the National Stadium Concert with a blinking of the National Stadium. people.

"In March, 244,000 participants were not interested in a concert organized by Narodowców." – Marcin Kdryna was brought in from the Office of the President.

Krzysztof Bosak, vice president of national movement, quickly criticized him. "Pessimistic and untruthful position of a man from the immediate vicinity of the president," Bosak resented. "Many people have passed thousands of tons of flame concerts, including PiS and GP," he said.

TVP Information and Independence in Wiadomości March

As we wrote, while reporting the march at TVP Info, she focused on showing the Polish flag and the flag of the national organization was not displayed. The nationalists were alienated from TVP 11 and "News" on November 12, but the first article on the website, "People", talked about the march in Warsaw and the country's festival.

On November 11, about 200,000 people had information about the march. Patriot of Warsaw; "For the first time, there was national character in the march." There were white and red flags, a frame with the president and prime minister, no single flag of a nationalist organization, no mention of the Independence Day Association.

On November 12, "Wiadomo ście" accused other media of "unreliable coverage of the march" by "showing several unrelated banners". The background for this statement would have been hidden in the crowd of white-red flag green choirs (arrow screen below) – perhaps ONR:

TV & # 39; News & # 39; (2010/12/11)TV & # 39; News & # 39; (2010/12/11)

"Kurski's mess"

TVP's message was criticized by Robert Winnicki. – We did not report that we could trust our march in all media at the March Independence Conference.

Regrettably, we regret that government television has released the most manipulated message of the day. "Winnicki said.

– What happened at TVP gave me the impression that it was nothing more than a government pistol as if it were a social part of the march. This was the main operation – the MP said. "The Independent March Organizing Committee generally did not give voice to government television," he said.

They are somehow mocked by Kursky and his team. It does not get tired. This is the level of propaganda – said Robert Winnicki.

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