Sunday , April 18 2021

Traditional L4 has a good time. Only electronic medical records from December

A social insurance institution, dentist, senior physician and new employee-approved physician who set up an information profile free of charge on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform will receive an electronic consultation. The ministry argues that when issuing electronic documents it will take much less time to give up paper-based rights. Your doctor can access data and data from your family as well as your employer.

When the doctor enters the PESEL number, the remaining data is automatically entered into the system. The system also provides character codes and statistical numbers for given diseases when entering a name. The doctor will also have the opportunity to see the dissolution that was issued earlier.

Electronic emissions are automatically transferred to ZUS when a physician does not need a personal distribution and keeps a copy. The Social Security office will then electronically disclose your information to you. Your employer must have an account with PUE. If he does not get it – he will still lay off on paper.

Patients do not need to watch the 7 day deadline to provide more release. You are not interested in reducing your illness or childcare allowance beyond this deadline.

– It takes much less time to issue electronic releases. At the press conference, Pastor Paweł Hreniak said, "It will be easier for patients and employers."

– This is a huge leap in civilization. No one will remember the traditional paper exemption within 20 years. This provides great convenience to patients who may be sick – at a press conference Mariusz Kubzdyl, the head of the social insurance department of the Department of Family, Labor and Social Policy, has been added.

Alone in Wroclaw, almost half of last month, 48.29 percent. The doctor sent it to ZUS over the Internet. Doctors all over the region are already offering 43%. Electronic medical exemption. For comparison, Mazo eckski Voivodship displays 56%. Such exemption.

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