Sunday , January 29 2023

ZPP: Ukraine's outflow from Poland could reduce GDP by 1.6%. –


"The implementation of the plans proposed by the Germans will have a definite impact on the Polish economy, and a significant part of the Ukrainian workers staying in Poland West. This means that a large part of the labor force needed for Germany is not only a big challenge for entrepreneurs, but also leaks macroeconomic problems. According to the ZPP estimates, in a reasonable scenario assuming a labor outflow of 500,000 immigrants from Ukraine, potential GDP losses will reach 1.6%, which is one-third of GDP growth in 2017. In a situation where the economic crisis is imminent, this loss is even more serious "- We read from Sungho.

"We are eagerly awaiting the situation related to Poland's labor shortage problem, and as a result, we are faced with a situation where we are widely known to the national press, and we are faced with an untouchable situation. The simple process of hiring citizens from Ukraine and other countries is already working in Poland and contributing to GDP growth. " Jakob Bińkowski, the Polish Minister of Justice and Justice, cited in the community.

According to Bińkowski, the next step in the economic situation related to filling the shortage in the labor market is to create a transparent path to obtain permanent residence and then grant citizenship to immigrants beyond the eastern border of Poland.

ZPP Specialist They anticipate that the seasonal increase in labor demand will not allow the continuation of good economic conditions due to short-term measures to meet current needs and attract immigrants for a short period of time.

"The ZPP has issued recommendations for the creation of a program to prevent economic migrants from Ukraine and other East European countries in Ukraine for several months, but unfortunately we are worried that Germany is now preparing to open its markets to workers outside the European Union It is important to note that the Germans have to expand the influx of skilled labor to meet the needs of the labor market, where the primary goal is to secure staff through vocational education. "We will work with them and provide support to learn German language," he said. Katarzyna Niemyska, director of the Law and Legal Department of the Polish Jews, cited in the community.

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