Thursday , September 19 2019
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10 more injured in Serta fires-9 firefighters and 1 civilian-news

Miguel Oliveira, service commander of ANEPC in Oeras Carnaxide, said, “We represented 10 wounded, 9 firefighters and 1 civilian at the injured Serta theater.” It is necessary to evaluate and update information about the clinical condition of these injured.

In addition to this fire, which has 578 agents currently starting at 14:50 in the village of Marmeleiro and currently supported by 175 vehicles, there is another big fire: one started at 18:22 in the municipality of Miranda do Corvo, the Coimbra district, again The other began at 13:30 in Ervões, in the municipality of Valpaços in the Vila Real district.

“There is no accounting at the current housing level. We know that some empty houses were burned in the Valpaços fire, but this accounting is not entirely clear, Commander Miguel Oliver said.

The fire was fought at 23:50 by 380 agents with 117 support.

The municipal fire in Miranda do Corvo has 567 operating vehicles and 169 vehicles.

“There are no predictions at this time. [perspetiva para as próximas horas sobre os três incêndios]. The press has risen to the ground and hopes tonight we can overcome this situation. We will wait until we are updated. ”

According to Commander Miguel Oliver, the main concern in the fight against fire was to protect human life.

“First and foremost, my biggest concern is always protecting life, and I've actually become ruler all afternoon. We also tried to resolve these fires by taking advantage of the night's opportunity using these means to resolve these situations and to resolve them, ”said an ANEPC official.

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