Thursday , June 1 2023

A BOLA-Benfica bet by Rúben Dias highlighted in UK (England)


It was in 2008/2009 that Rúben Dias joined Benfica from Estrela da Amadora. It went through years of eagle formation until it was founded as a main team. At the age of 23, the central department packed his bags and headed to England to represent Manchester City. And in Her Majesty’s Land, where he is still taking his first steps on a professional level, the Portuguese national representative has set an example for anyone who wants to succeed in the demanding world of football.

“I read an article about Manchester City’s Rúben Dias. He says Benfica was signed when he was 11 years old not because of his technical level, but because of his leadership and communication skills,” coach Billy Barr said. Blackburn Rovers of the Under 23 Team

«Whoever wants to be a soccer player must have a technical side, but there must be another side. It takes a long time to build fame, but little time to lose,” warned the 51-year-old British coach.

Warning following Rovers’ severe defeat against Arsenal with 6 unanswered goals in the game before pausing for a promise of choice.

«Competition is not only between our opponents, but also between our players. If players want to build their careers, he maintained that they can’t create an exhibition like the one they did in the game.

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