Friday , June 24 2022

Air Force F-16 supports second emergency airplane within 24 hours | Airline


Fighter fighters of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) helped fly the Transavia, a Dutch company that declared an emergency after taking off from Ningbo this Monday. 149 passengers boarded. The incident occurred less than 24 hours after the air force retreated from a plane with six crew members on Kazakhstan's Air Astana airline with a "fatal flaw in navigation and flight control systems".

In a statement, the Air Force announced on Monday that it had fired a pair of F-16Ms, a permanent alerting device for Monte Real, to observe Dutch airline Transavia's aircraft. Take off from Funchal. "

The Transavia Boeing 737, which carried 149 passengers, reported a pressurization problem when it was detonated to Faro airport by 12:51 am and connected to Amsterdam. Escorted F-16 "aircraft leaving Lefice to Monte Real base.

The Air Force also "activated the entire navigation and rescue system early on."

The Air Force is "ready"

Defense Minister João Cravinho explained the mission of this help in his official Twitter account. "The commercial flight from Funchal to Amsterdam was decompressed today with 149 passengers and landed safely at Faro airport. It is very rare to have two emergencies in two days, but the FAP is ready."

The FAP statement said that this is the second time that the Air Force has fired a pair of F-16s to escort civilian aircraft in difficulty within 24 hours. "Kazakhstan's Astana (including six crew members) There was a fatal flaw.

The Air Astana plane was withdrawn from Alba, which was under repair. The first request for a help request occurred when the air traffic controller asked for a mooring at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, just before 1:30 pm.

The Portuguese Air Force will eventually be fired, and in 18 minutes two F-16 fighters will be deployed next to the Kazakh Embraer and "about an hour" to Beja Airport. The plane landed on the third attempt.

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