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Apple and Google Maps teach lessons about the new Street View.

Apple Maps keynote speech The service has now begun to be verified before Google Maps, but WWDC19 launches. In particular, the Street View option shows that the Cupertino giant is "Look around ", Or its surroundings.

Now we have seen the video through a comparison of services!

Apple Maps Google Maps Street View

At the same time, Apple Maps is one of the biggest news for iPhone OS users. The latest version of the mobile operating system will be refined and distributed next month. September.

Apple Maps and Google Maps

Although this story does not favor Apple maps, it is certain that these results will stand out. Especially for those who complain about the suddenness of navigation in this mode. In this mode, however, you can compare both systems side-by-side.

This video is written by Twitter user Reuel van der Steege. There, next tweet We have the same stretch on both platforms. As you can see, in both cases the difference in liquidity can not be denied, but it draws its conclusions.

Traveling along the same road as Hawaii makes the difference in Street View fluidity amazing. On Apple Maps, we make a sudden transition in Google Maps while making smooth transitions similar to video. A much sharper effect on Mountain View giant's solution.

I am concerned about Street View.

As you can see in the comments and answers tweet Arriving late in the race is another example of Apple offering excellent products. In this case, your product is called "Look Around" and is exactly the same concept.

Still, according to van der Steege, this version of Apple Maps is only available on the beta version of iOS 13. For him, this is a very flexible choice "going down to the street" and I am impressed with the results.

We can only hope that Bruno Pigue Iredo is right. It may not take a long time to arrive at this western Portuguese beach where "Apple cars" are found. To that end, iOS 13 is expected to arrive in September.

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