Thursday , March 30 2023

Azores Government Offers New Bid for SATA Privatization


The Azores government provided instructions to the SATA board to cancel the current open bidding to sell 49% of Azores' stock capital after revealing secrets related to the process.

In a statement published this morning in GaCS, a local officer makes clear that he is finalizing the launch of a new competition with the same goal.

Citing a private document on the public sector of the Azoresan Committee of Inquiry in connection with the news of the RTP Azores, the only candidate in the open tender, Icelandair's Rofleoire Icelandic (Icelandic) claimed that there is no official proposal.

On October 31, the Azores government issued a paper to Bruto da Costa, "Study showing interest and feasibility of Azores Airlines 'equity capital disposal" and "Icelandair Group proposal" 49% of Azores' equity capital " In a letter accompanying the documents, the administration said that "they should not be duplicated or published" and that their consultation should be carried out only in the presence of the committee chair for the local business public sector and nonprofit organizations.

The Lusayan authorities announced that the local political commission will analyze the situation of SATA this Saturday. "From now on, it's a police case, Vasco Cordeiro objected to the indictment and asked the prosecutor's office to take responsibility.

The disclosure of this document is a direct result of the conclusion of the current privatization process, which accounts for 49% of the capital of Azores Airlines. "Eight days ago yesterday and today, with the continuation of this document, I think the government faces a very serious failure in the obligation of collaboration, amendment, respect and institutional loyalty," the Azores government says.

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