Thursday , March 30 2023

B. Dortmund defeats Bayern – Observer


Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, five minutes remaining in the final whistle, said almost everything. Of course, two of Bayern's two top structural leaders will continue to be created with the glory of the club, and everything that's good and bad about sport management is still hoping to catch the last breath. There was not much draw in Munich, but the trend was the opposite, and every time the midfielder visited, he noticed a potential opportunity. When the game was over, Dortmund had a 3-2 victory, strengthening the lead and 7 points ahead of rivals. And the life of coach Niko Kovac who was at Eintracht Frankfurt this summer and placed a bet is very complicated.

It is easy to explain why. And the current account of the Bundesliga – 20 points out of 33, 6 out of 11, is not a regular account for the formation of Munich, but is the true constellation of stars using carburettors. With 45 minutes of control, as seen in the first part, the opponent, who rarely exists in terms of superiority and aggressive terms, It's hard to imagine Pep Guardala, Carlo Ancelotti or Jupp Heynckes playing a big role in the second half. Kovac did not avoid this even though he had a substitution in the middle. You are in danger.

After trading in Dortmund in Munich in 2014, home fan Lewandowski showed a special desire to play against the former team and scored in the 26th minute after Gnabry's cross. Goals in the last 4 games Schwartz. In early 2H, Marco Reus strengthened his position as the God of the team (and captain) after swearing that he would not trade his team to Bayern like many others. It is tied to a fine. Another step in match play and opportunity and one of Lewandowski's goals (again Gnabry Pass, 12 goals in 9 games against Borussia since 2014/15), Reus's other goals The easiest and most complex ones did).

In the middle of the second power section, two balls are all equal. But there are details that you should not always forget about this season. Paco Alcácer enters the arena. If that happens, the goal will not last long – in the bid that started stealing the defensive ball, Witsel fell deep in the midfield for a Spanish who defeated Neuer to the last 3-2. I was running for 73 minutes. And the impressive average in the Bundesliga remains: The international competition that Barcelona lends is held every 30 minutes …

At the last minute of the discount Lewandowski still Hat But like what happened already, he came back to see the goal that was canceled by the offside. Finally, the Bayern supporters supported the team and Kovac's situation started Renato Sanches 3-2 after 3-2, although he could not avoid choreography with everyone on the bench for a visitor to the scarf. (Which may have affected the central passage a few minutes earlier) seems to be getting more and more complicated. even James Rodriguez did not leave the bank and promised it would be widely accepted.

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