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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in people with diabetes.


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in people with diabetes.
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in people with diabetes. Photo: DR

In the International Diabetes Federation's Atlas of 2017, "Portugal is one of the darkest in Europe," an endocrinologist said Jácome de Castro. It should be very smart and should be a warning if it is pointed out on November 14th. World Diabetes Day.

For an endocrinologist diabetes "Having a kidney, eye, amputation, heart disease, and cardiac death is one of the main enemies to consider in diabetes because it brings many other pathologies, which is why patients die."

Diabetic patients are at high risk for cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular disease In Portugal, the issue of "diabetes continues to be a disease to control" is responsible for more than 50% of the more serious problem.

listen Carlos AguirreA cardiologist said, "The decline in mortality from cardiovascular disease has the advantage of controlling risk factors." However, the prevalence of obesity, a type 2 diabetes mellitus, has increased. Because of this situation, cardiologists are worried that "cardiovascular mortality will increase if obesity and diabetes increase."

"People tend to think of sugar as a problem related to sweets, but the important thing here is that this is a disease that can cause a loss of life. If we have diabetes, that association is really dangerous, which means we have a shorter lifespan, "the cardiologist said.

The Importance of Diagnosis

Early stage diagnosis to prevent complications related to diabetes, including cardiovascular complications, is increasingly challenging for medical and patients. Jácome de Castro has estimated that about 30% of diabetic patients in Portugal are not diagnosed. "This means living without knowing that people are sick, and this time the body will be destroyed when the sugar is high."

Significant clinical trials are emerging, introducing drugs with new mechanisms of action, and influencing the prognosis of diseases, such as new drugs acting on the kidney, inflammation, and vascular wall, are important challenges. Cardiovascular system and seems to protect the body, "the endocrinologist said.

Jácome de Castro concluded that: "Our interest is therefore to act earlier and we can not be satisfied with treating complications that just appear to us, we should be able to prevent this complication as much as possible, The results have attracted us at a very interesting time at the Diabetes clinic level in Portugal and around the world. "

Reclassify drugs to follow treatment

Carlos Aguiar said, "We regret that we have medications that restore life, but we do not take them later. If a patient's medication is said to lower cholesterol levels, then the patient's attitude is" "It is legitimate to think because the value is already gone when performing the analysis. Success can actually lower your cholesterol and stop taking it."

It should be called the name of the medicine to the cardiologist. "It is designed to increase the quality of life and quality of life." Thus, "reclassification of medicines is almost essential."

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