Friday , March 31 2023

China's Singles Day … Online Discounts for the World


The world has gradually become a global village. The strong tradition of a country has already become a tradition of the world. See Halloween or Valentine's Day.

Now we are approaching on November 11 … No, I'm not talking about St. Martin, his night or water. I'm talking about Singles Day. That day is celebrated in China and has become a major promotional trend in online stores around the world.

11.11 - Singles Day in China ... great deal online for the world - Image: freepik

November 11 is a date marked by a night and a dip in Portugal, but it is a day celebrating a single day in China and is a celebration beyond the borders thanks to the country's store promotion. All of us are already shopping online.


Single Day is not exclusive to China, but dates are dated throughout the world. For example, in Portugal, this date is scheduled for September 29, 2006. Were there any ideas?

November 11 is known as "11.11" (or Double 11) and is traditionally called "Singles Day" and is translated into an entertainment festival celebrated in China to celebrate original pride.

These celebrations have spread around the globe and online shopping has already become one of the world 's moving dates and has begun to be used as a date promotional event in the nation' s largest store.

Expect a celebration.

Obviously, everything is ready in advance, like a good anniversary in the online world, and there are numerous online stores with promotions already in progress.

By November 21, the Internet public offers a variety of discount coupons on a daily basis for a variety of discounts for home and wellness in a variety of products, games, smartphones, tablets and other smart products.

However, there are many shipping warehouses in the European Union (EU) that can be shipped faster and more securely in China.

Promotion 11.11

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