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Francisco Salvação Barreto's debut album confirms his place in the traditional fado.


Francisco Salvação Barreto said in an interview with Lusa that he prefers "always intent for perfection" by referring to 13 themes, mostly CDs with unpublished poems and traditional fado.

The CD will be held Tuesday at 7 pm at the S. Luiz Municipal Theater in Lisbon, Winter Garden, and will open the Fado Museum's 20th anniversary program to display CDs.

Salvation Barreto pointed out that "the Fado museum is loyal, never serious and without interference."

A 36-year-old wave singer said he was not "a beginner" and had plenty of time to record a CD. "It's a very proud and mature thoughtful album. Even the lack of humility shows us what we can do without risking and recording."

And there was a sign of interest, and Francisco Salvação Barreto said, "Maria da Fé, Camané or Rodrigo asked me when the album came out and was already high."

The fadista justified postponing the recording with the weight of responsibility before the tradition.

"What I have to add to the art I have is that the reference I have is tremendously special. What adds a new form to the art of indexes such as Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Maurício, Maria Teresa de Noronha, and Beatriz da Conceição? Fernanda Maria, Carlos Ramos, Maria Dafa … How do you add something to this job? "

"It was meaningful to me. [gravar] When I started creating my own repertoire of my own, I later told Lucas: "The most important thing in fados is the word, especially in the traditional fado, the beach that I pretend to be: a brand, One of the wonders is that the same melody can be applied to different poetry, so the style is made according to the poem chosen by the person, the way you feel it and how you interpret it. "

"The great magic of traditional fados is trying to figure out which characters are meaningful in that melody type, and the more complicated thing is to find a traditional fado that respects poetry tonic, and the poem flows in a completely different way. Basically, words have music, "he said.

In the case of Barreto Salvation, "It is enough to recognize toada and to declare a poem that can easily find the fado's traditional melody, but it is not always clear, and sometimes you need to look back and this is the style of fado singer."

As for the CD, he told Lusa: "This is a record of love and dislike, meeting and disagreement, doubt, life and death, and life is this.

"Fate has been part of my life for a long time and I could not escape," said an interpreter who started to sing in a familiar environment after hearing the records of his grandparents' home.

The CD includes poems by Fernando Pesoa, Miguel Torga, José Luís Gordo and João Mário Veiga, which were obtained from the repertoire of Artur Batalha "Mundo d 'Inverno" (Paco Gonzalez) and Carlos Ramos "I Am No". I know. "(Domingos Gonçalves Costa / Carlos Rocha).

This CD was edited in the context of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Fado Museum and includes other CD editions of the guitarist Gaspar Varela. It will be held on the 24th in the small auditorium of Centro Cultural de Belém. , And Maria Teresa de Noronha.

The Fado Museum, located at the water-lifting station of Alfama, opened on September 25, 1998 and was opened by the cultural animation equipment management company of Câmara de Lisboa (EGEAC ) Is part of cultural equipment. It was directed by art historian Sara Pereira.

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