Saturday , June 25 2022

HPV: Human papilloma virus has a pedigree that is re-created by research.


Evolution Process HPV It was re-invented by a researcher at the University of Hong Kong and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in the United States.

According to researchers at Zigui Chen and Robert Burk, understanding the evolution of viruses is important for developing HPV prevention and treatment technologies.

There are more than 200 variants of this virus, and there are some 40 that affect sexually transmitted infections, including cervical cancer. Having HPV is dangerous.

This study used the most fatal and carcinogenic HPV 16 mutations and also affected non-human primates. This mutation is responsible for the development of cervical cancer in the penis, neck and anus.

Since that time, both sides have found a route to humans and other primates. As a result, the virus has proved to be over 500,000 years old.

According to Jane Oh, an obstetrician and obstetrician will ultimately contact all sexually active people with papillomaviruses for ease of infection.

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