Monday , November 30 2020

Isabel and Daniela together "mystical science" – television

magazine TV Guide Competitors of Isabel and Daniela, the earliest sighters who married this week, make money from fans who are looking for them using the reputation of the SIC program.

Isabel, who receives 30 euros an hour for each tarot counsel she offers, explained in the video that counseling was effectively paid and there was no room for "tassel".

"There are gifts and perceptions for those who read and read taros, and some people think that they should be free, at least for an hour at the appointed time, instead of doing something else. "Isabelle said.

But Isabel has not only acquired Isabel, who is preparing for a mysterious business, but also Isabel, a good ally of Daniela. Daniela is a yoga instructor who joined Claudius' ex-wife, Elis, on a lavish farm.

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