Thursday , March 30 2023

Scientists create solar fuels that store energy for 18 years


Thermal Solar Fuel

Solar energy is a type of green energy that continues to be abused worldwide. It is not important if it is renewable or abundant, but it is still very expensive to store solar energy effectively in the long run.

While this may be a major hurdle for large-scale adoption, the Swedish scientists group believes that they have found a solution to store liquid solar energy for 18 years.

Kasper Moth-Poulsen, a professor of chemical and chemical engineering at Chalmers University, said,

… "The energy of this isomer can now be stored for 18 years. And when we extract energy and use it, we get a larger increase in heat than we expected.".

Swedish scientists have developed a fluid consisting of hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, which stores the energy of the sun as heat and later released through a cobalt-based catalyst.

Solar Fuel, what is it?

They name "Solar Fuel" According to MIT engineer Jeffrey Grossman,Solar fuels are like rechargeable batteries, but instead of electricity, the sun is warm and works on demand".

After reacting to the presence of sunlight, liquids rearrange the atomic bonds and convert the liquid to a "cage" that either cools or holds solar energy at room temperature.

The catalyst returns the molecule to its original form and releases solar energy. The deformation permits passage of the liquid temperature from 20 占 폚 to 83 占 폚.

"When we extract the energy we use, we get a larger thermal increase than we expected."Says Kasper Moth-Poulsen.

This discovery has tremendous potential and promises to revolutionize this type of renewable energy. Scientists believe that it can be used to heat domestic water and is an alternative to using fossil fuels that emit CO2 gas.

It's a promising technology, but it's not yet publicly available. Kasper Moth-Poulsen thinks it should be on the market in 10 years.

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