Friday , August 12 2022

Selka's new patent camera for notch removal


Notch went up but we did not stay in every way. The notch on the iPhone screen, which later became the generalization of the Android division, was the option to place some sensors and cameras in the center of the screen, without exhausting the full width of the occupied central space.

Some brands have already shown how to empty the space, and now Apple has patented a new front camera to move from the center of the screen to the inside. Along with the lens, it shows a screen without a monocle.

Is it the beginning of the end of the notch on the iPhone?

On November 8, 2018, US2018 / 0321571 describes a camera integrated into a glass that can be an LCD screen and has several features that allow you to open an option range for additional functionality.

In this patent, Apple also elaborates on a screen-open solution to minimize the frame of a smartphone.

This type of clean screen is already in use by many different manufacturers. Just as with cameras and sensors, there have been some suggestions. Some use one. slide With the camera and sensor behind the screen, others removed the camera from the top while keeping the sensor under the LCD and the sensor inserted in the frame.

Brands like Huawei and Samsung have already struggled to figure out how to distribute technology without interfering with usability, so Samsung's Infinity Displays are a good example of this endeavor and Galaxy S10 still needs to keep the screen more Infinity, although there are some uncertainties because the company recently showed images of the three new options, some of them still can bring a notch in one step.

Apple's new PDF document was discovered by LetsGoDigital. However, this patent was filed on July 8, but was only approved by the US-owned industrial property rights. As far as I understand, the information on clearly inserting or inserting the camera into the glass that can cover the camera lens is clear.

The patent itself states that there may be lens displacement, how to place it, and LCD overhead, and it describes some details to show that there is interconnection between the cameras. Leaving room for Apple to figure out where to put the camera into the face ID or sensor. Of course, at the end of Notch will open the infamous door.

So we can understand that only iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr can be monotone in Apple's history. This monocular character has earned a lot of reputation from the Cupertino company.

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