Tuesday , May 30 2023

The sweet scent of the cake! LG G7 One of the first mobile phones to receive Android 9.0 foot


Android 9.0 Pie, officially launched by Google in August, already has the widest variety of devices on a variety of brands. Companies like Sony, Xiaomi, Motorola, and even Samsung and Huawei already have handsets with the latest version of the system installed or have a test program for simple updates.

But LG is not one of them. Last June, we released a new software hub for a quick update that was two months before the Android pie was officially released, but we keep a reputation as the last one to offer updates to Android. But this is going to change. At least it is what we expect.

According to the Canadian owner of the LG G7 One, your device has recently received an update to a new version of the system. Approximately 812 MBWith this update, you can see all the news about Android 9.0 released in the second half of this year. However, news about smartphone owners can be encouraging, so other variations of the G7 do not provide an accurate perspective on upgrading to other brand units.

One nomenclature is implied in the use of G7 in the issue of Android's "pure"Theoretically, without the major interface modifications on behalf of LG, which needed to speed up the arrival of updates, it took a while for the update to actually reach the device when considering the software version of the team.

No changes: LG Q9 should be lan.

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We are not able to say or guess when a new version of the Android device is released rather than the latest version like LG because there is no official announcement on behalf of LG to join this fact. V40 and LG G7 "Usual".

Customers using the G7 One are anticipating upgrades to all devices soon. It's Ota ("Over the Air(In other words.By air"Free translation) and should see it incrementally over the next few days or weeks.

The LG G7 One is not yet available in Brazilian stores. You will be notified when you arrive.

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