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«This program is a disgrace»


At first glance Portuguese is the breath of fresh air in television. It is a bold choice to be wrong, but seems to have conquered the Portuguese people.

Week from October 29 to November 4 At first glance Competition won RTP1 and TVI. Type driven by Diana Chavez The average audience was 902,000, or 20.9%.

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However, this format does not appear well in all countries. By the year 2015, the Australian version, At first glanceThere was a controversy among viewers when two of the participants had sexual intercourse on the wedding day.

"This television show is dishonorable, it is not morally rigid and should not be broadcast on Australian television», You can read on It's La Bang..

All the controversy appeared when two of the participants had sex before the premiere began in the program's & # 39; Promotions. & # 39; The debut of this program is pending and a petition has been filed to the extent that it does not even debut.

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«Never marry with a marriage»

Before the big debut of the marriage at first sight, the format was criticized, criticized by marriage and play. Diana Chaves, the speaker of this topic, totally disagrees. "There is an interpretation of everything, of course, marriage is never our goal, I know people already know participants and married couples, and they are actually looking for help," he said.

Two weeks after the premiere, viewers changed their minds and accepted it. «Social experience».

Photo: Xposed / Shine Iberia Portugal

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