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Vaccination: 103,000 vaccinations for yellow fever vaccination


More than 100,000 yellow fever vaccines have been administered this year at the health facilities in Curitiba. On Monday afternoon (11), there were 103,795 vaccinations and 43% of vaccines against diseases administered in 2018 (243,932,000).

Curitiba does not record any cases of this disease. However, identification of people infected with viruses in nearby cities, such as Antonina and Adrianople, has been instructed by the City Health Department to strengthen vaccination prevention.

The director of the Alcides de Oliveira Secretariat Epicurean Center explained that it is essential that the population work together and that high demand can increase latency. "People are looking for a vaccine, and we want to protect ourselves," he says. "But the vaccine requires understanding because it is necessary to follow the application, vaccine and hygiene registration procedures," he explains.

The average vaccine dose in January was 2,480 times a day. This figure increased to 5,811 times / day in the first week of February (4 to 8). Even if demand increases, there are enough vaccines to provide immunization for all target customers.

The vaccine is available at 110 public health centers in Curitiba. To extend coverage in February and March, some devices will open for vaccination on Saturday.

Display and management

The vaccine is for people aged 9 months to 59 years. People who take this vaccine once in their lifetime do not need to do it again.

If a person has not been vaccinated or is unsure, you can pre-enroll in a health application or visit your nearest health facility to see if there is a record on your immunization card after being vaccinated.

Yellow fever vaccine is a taboo for people with a weak immune system that has a severe allergic reaction or an acute febrile illness.

For pregnant women, women who breastfeed for less than 6 months and women over 60 need a doctor to evaluate the risk of the vaccination and prescribe it if it shows immunization.

Women who are breastfed and who need to be vaccinated should stop breastfeeding for at least 10 days after vaccination. In order to do this, you should be prepared to breastfeed as you would expect.

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