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"We want to get students who are not capable of continuing traditional teaching."


Read the bold letter on the entrance to the main pavilion of Loures's "Traffic Professional Association (IPTrans)". "If you are here, it is part of our history." On the day the institution displays 25 years, the student does not seem to be indifferent to the weight of this 25th century. This event took some of the real components of the course with a student community that prepared guided tours for the guardian.

Initially, in 1993, a group of Loures municipalities, the National Association of Road Traffic Public Companies, and the Transport and Communications Union recognized the need to apply human resources education to the needs of local governments. And what were they? More people are trained in logistics and transportation.

"Our experience is that early vocational education is considered to be less valuable and less valuable, and early recruitment has given the region or students in distress more time to get a normal lesson," said General Assembly Chairman and Strategy Orientation Council I recall António Pombinho, chairman of the Strategic Orientation Council.

Today, "Things have changed". The school found the space. António Pombinho points out that the company, which has an average employment rate of 85% over the past three years, is "getting more and more attractive". The scope of this program ranges from computers and management to transportation and child support. It is also not limited to aids. Depending on the Qualifica project, there is an option for adults and an option for teens who have not yet completed grade 9 known as CEF.

Even so, it is difficult to promote. Secondary schools provide vocational courses for elementary students who are at least in the cluster. This warning is announced by Nelson Sousa, president of IPTrans. While visiting the school, the minister of education advocated "It is important that all students have contact with local vocational schools."

The fact is that only in the last two years the school has begun to regain a progressive break in the number of enrollments. This year's school management says about 200 students are enrolled. According to data from the Education and Science Statistics Office (DGEEC), 146 students were enrolled in the professional programs in 2016 and 2017. By 2015/2016 they were 100. In 2012/2013 they were 139.

And is there room for more students? part. "This is a big challenge and it's not ours alone," said Carla Cruz, consultant for Loures City Council and local representative for IPTrans. "The school district is studying space expansion that has not yet been planned.

New Course

For representatives of municipalities, this project is no longer just a training. "It is also social and integration." More important than many students, "Carla Cruz said," is creating a distinctive identity for the school. "We do not want to get students who can not continue traditional education."

The characteristic of this school is that it is designed to teach. This year, we have begun the Scale Assistance Traffic Technician course, which was specially designed for airport operations. During the year, we will make the process of aircraft maintenance technicians available. More: One day the Agency for Qualifications and Vocational Education – the agency responsible for verifying this process – a proposal for special training for heavy drivers.

Goal: Higher Education

Although the intent was not to go to college at the time of professional education, but today there are quite a few students with ambitions to get higher education after completing this course, says education director Helena Nunes. However, "they are not ready for an approach test. [ensino] Scientific-humanistic. "

"Today there is a much larger offer in higher education," says José Bourbon, Director of IPTrans, which allows students to choose more professional options, just as in the case of the technology characterization process.

As for the relationship between professional and higher education, the minister of education emphasized that "it is important to calculate the number of professional students in senior positions", but only 18% of students in universities and polytechnic universes come from this field.

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