Wednesday , June 7 2023

Apple is still the best wearable market, and FitBit offers the latest speed.


Apple leads the wearable device manufacturer's position and Apple Watch proved to be one of the most popular devices since it was released three years ago. However, FitBit has taken over the company over the past few years, ranking second and third, behind the old residents Imoo and Samsung.

The old device market grew 53% over the same period last year, but Apple lost market share even as sales volume increased. Therefore, according to Counterpoint's report, "30%" of total wearable market is 35%

The most popular model from July to September was Apple Watch Series 1. Apple Watch Series 1 was the cheapest model that was discontinued with Series 4, and the second model was Series 3. It was strong until the beginning of a new generation in September. Series 3 and Series 4 are now very popular and we anticipate an additional increase in sales over the next period. Compared to the third quarter last year, Apple's sales increased 31 percent. Thus, the decline in market share is not a problem for Coupertino,

Fitbit, however, showed a massive increase from 16% in 2018 to 6% in the third quarter of 2017. That's because of the sleek FitBit Versa watch released in the first half of the year. This is done using his knowledge of the Pebble and Vector teams he bought last year and offers many features in attractive designs at a lower cost than more complex designs.

The third place is Imoo, a Chinese company that produces intelligent watches for children, but it does not sell outside of that country. Imoo saw a decline from 11% to 10% in the market. At the same time, Samsung Electronics fell from 9% to 7%, while the rest of the manufacturers dropped from 39% to 34%.

Apple is still dominating the wearable market, supplying nearly as many products as the sum of its three competitors, and supplying products that are not all the top four manufacturers. But it is clear that there is room for growth in other companies in this market. FitBit can be the best in the next few years if it continues to apply to this trend.

As Apple has significantly increased the price of the new Apple Watch S4 over the past generations, the number of products sold will decrease in the future, but as with other product categories, revenue will increase and implicitly increase revenue. IPhone, iPad and MacBook.

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