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At the meeting, Hagi talks about the fact that Ianis was first convened by a large national team.


Articles – Ionuţ Coman Friday, 09 November, 17:06

Gica Hagi did not want to talk a lot about talking about his first son to Romania's senior national team.

"I do not want to talk about it, I am in agreement with Toji, let's talk about our game.

Everyone can go where he comes back from the phone, but I want to talk about our game."Gica Hagi said at a news conference today.

… Saturday for Concordia, 18:00:

"We meet a team with very few goals, a very experienced coach with a mind to win and a win to win.

We are also having a good time. We want victory. Dorinel played in Spain. Both of us have an interesting career. I am very happy to review it.

Thinking about the title is excluded at this moment. I want to get as many points as possible, fight, suffer, and play soccer. It is not a time to make a calculation, but a mistake now. We take each game separately. "

"I have grown a lot lately, I've scored a lot of goals, it's important to win, it's a lot of distance from the competition, but there's a lot of competition, the championship is very narrow, we get more points, The presence at the off is mathematically better " Sebastian Mladen, Defender Future

"We met a team of highly skilled players, but we want to win our game and strengthen our position." If we maintain focus and perform two steps as before, It is difficult to enter. We want to collect points in the playoffs. Ever since I started playing football, I have been working every day to go to the national team. "As far as the FCSB's interest is concerned, I do not know anything about it anyway, we are in the game now and we have a job. I want to go abroad. " Ionut Vanu, Midfielder Viitorul

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