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Change Google support for all Android phones

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Android is an open source operating system. But it's not useful without Google services, especially the Play Store. And the App Store will be going through big changes now.

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Article written by Răzvan Băltărețu

The changes that Google wants to make are related to changing the running system since Apple introduced the App Store. At this time, you can get your application in two ways: free or for money. And when you pay, you only pay once and use that application forever (somewhat) or in a subscription way.

Google now wants to make money by accessing apps in the easiest way to subscribe. Therefore, the company wants to introduce a subscription system to the Play Store and use that money to use the desired application. Or available applications.

Google will make the Play Store a Netflix for Android apps

Google Play Pass subscriptions can be taken directly from the App Store. The starting price is $ 5 per month and the package includes hundreds or thousands of applications that need to be paid separately. The trial period of the system is 10 days.

We are still collecting feedback about this change. The situation is set at the visual, price, and implementation levels. Not sure yet, is user feedback. And there is still a need for an official launch that can occur when a new Google Pixel phone is released.

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