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Diana B. told William that Charles was cheating her. The unrealistic answer his son could give him


Although 23 years have passed since the death of Princess of Hearts, amazing new information about her life is emerging. Recently, BBC reporter Martin Bashir told Diana B. to William that her father, Charles, was having an affair. His answer was unrealistic.

William learned about Charles’ infidelity from his mother.

Famous journalist Martin Bashir, who gave a bomb interview with Princess Diana in 1995, makes a new revelation. According to him, Prince William found out that Diana Rain had been deceived by Charles long before Lady Dee made an utterance to the BBC.

“There were three people in this marriage, so it got a little crowded,” said the princess of Heart, referring to her husband’s relationship outside of marriage to Camilla Parker Balls.

The separation between the two spouses took place in 1992, when Diana had to have a serious discussion with her eldest son. She explained to William the reason for the separation and first spoke of Charles’ infidelity.

“I went to his school and told him everything privately. I told him that if I found someone I loved, I had to do everything I could to keep that relationship going. And if I was lucky enough to find someone I loved you, that relationship too. Need to be protected.

Then William asked what would happen. And if I can answer the question. And I said yes. He asked if that was the reason our marriage couldn’t last. And I told her that there were three of us in that marriage. Press pressure was another factor influencing our relationship. So, both reasons made everything very difficult. I still love my father, but I can no longer live under such a roof,” told BBC reporter Martin Bashir of the BBC.

William learned of Prince Charles' infidelity from Diana B.
William learned of Prince Charles’ infidelity from Diana B.

William angry at the princess of hearts

As expected, Diana was afraid of the reaction William might have, so she evaluated the situation for weeks.

“He’s a very deep child and we don’t know how anything I told him could affect, but I tried to explain everything gently to him. Prince Charles’ ex-wife is not resentful or angry.

According to Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, William and other members of the British royal family were upset and upset about the revelation.

“William was exposed to everything she said in an interview. He was absolutely angry with his mother. This was the only time William said that he was so angry with her mother that she could never forgive her for what he did. Did not understand how his mother invited the camera to a house where he raised, loved and betrayed his children, his father said, “Nicole told the documentary. “William and Harry: Brothers in Arms.”

Harry was so young that his family didn’t really understand what was going on.

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