Thursday , March 30 2023

I am four and a half years old, overcoming death. (PHOTO)


Oana Roman arrived at the doctor's hand again.

Because of the recent fatigue, Star continued to investigate.

Oana Roman arrived at the doctor's hand again.

He frequently neglected his health and conducted a series of medical investigations due to frequent incidents he had to attend.

Oana Roman took a picture of her staff in a hospital bed with a staff in her hand and sent a very important message to her fictional friend.

"I am four and a half years old when I defeat death by fighting my body with her! I have not been the same since then, and I always have an idea.If there is a problem, there is a little pain in the abdomen.I go to the doctor and control immediately! Today I was one of those moments and I used full analysis I tell everyone how important it is to get regular checkups, at least once a year, and at least twice a year to go to a gynecologist! At least once a year, you can make a difference between what does not exist and what does not! ", I confessed to Oana Roman on Facebook.

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