Thursday , March 30 2023

Marius Croy Toru, FC Botoşani’s out? Clear advertisement of Valeriu Ifitme: what he said about his team coach


FC Botoşani coach Marius Croitoru has no reason to worry. yet. The team’s owner, Valeriu Iftime, has announced that he will not change his position despite the less glorious results last time. The man with money from FC Botoşani said that not only was Marius Croitoru hired for the result, but the equation was more complex.

FC Botoşani ranks 11th in League 1 in 10 stages of the new season after catching the playoffs last season, but Marius Croitoru has no reason to worry. At least that’s exactly what Valeriu Iftime said, whoever thinks it’s not time to change coaches, except for the outcome, something else has to happen to the team to reach this outcome.

“Switching coaches is never the solution. Changing coaches is not the result itself, but when there is a rupture between him and the team. It is not the result itself, but when you feel something. Of course this is a bad collaboration between coach and player. They don’t work anymore, then you have to change something, change the coach because you can’t change the team, I still have a lot of confidence in Marius, I hope he gets the job done. I want to be with him 3-4-5 years old

He wasn’t employed by me during the day. He wasn’t hired just for the results. He was hired to keep the team in League 1, get a balanced budget, and grow players to keep the club on track. I don’t know what investment to make. . I am not waiting for the big revolution in coaching, I am waiting for the team to recover. “Said Valeriu Iftime.

Iftime hopes his team will recover from the next match against U Craiova, who was League 1 leader until the final stage. “The match against Cry Oba, if you hit it as a result, you will think there is a UCL match depending on the position of the team. Please be careful not to hit it at home. Bad luck and enthusiasm gave us a big headache.”, Said the owner of Botoşani.

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