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Morometes changed 2 hours


● Morometes 2 (Romania, 2018), Stere Gulea.

Most arts will not automatically guarantee that you will improve with the simple fact of progress, and even if you judge empirically, you will say the opposite. Cinema, which prefers instant reality, is most sensitive to "scary projects". This was the main reason I was skeptical about the project. Morometes 2; In particular, the 30-year interval separating him from the first film was enough to conjure up a series of recent exaggerations and cracks of splendid craftsmanship under Communist Party censorship, but once they gave the taste of freedom, they got lost.

However, the new film in Stereo Gulea is respected as the simplest work. Moromeţii Marin Preda was not only a life crisis for the Ilie Moromete family, but also a close relationship with the relatively closed world of the village. rangeThe second part is much broader, considering the mapping of territory (spatially and temporally) from perfect metamorphosis, where reality is slippery and it is impossible to cut one of them. There are uncertainties due to the fresh memories of the war, though there are psychologically powerful moments marked by fearful trust in the foreseeable future.

Gulea 's ambition is to attack social and political transformation at the dawn of the communist regime, but I think it is one of the film' s minorities in that the soul crossed by Elijah and late Niculae. The fact that while the film is running for 1 hour and 50 minutes, the scenario vibrates between many people, moving between the shifted faces of towns and increasingly fascinating cities between the conservatives and liberals of the "New World" is not an asset – There is room for expansion, but movies can touch these subjects (family, society, and time), so you can see things that are already known quite sharply. However, there is some bad news that high school students are hoping to replace Gulea's reading with Gulea's films. Food life: Niculae can immerse himself in the suffocating environment of newspapers because he has the ambition of personal creation as well as the ambition of social reform.

The second is Josh Pasina's young Niculae role. It is true that the boy is taking steps to read from Lenin and to integrate into the new world as he tries to avoid the Romanian village's primitive world, but anyway, Pashtina is in any case different from other physical movies on earth, While Ilie of Horatiu Mălăele departs there. A person with a resigned personality is hard to break into a nihilistic mummy through the tongue and hedonism-introspective nature of the first movie. Men make Elijah a person who can not keep up with his time and deepens in a new reality. The decline of the man can not be reversed. The elderly sons, who had long been "separatist", stayed in Bucharest. The importance of the spiritual need of the Nile (eternal "What do you need to read?") – The situation with wife Catrina (short and fictional Dana Dogaru) has deteriorated to other women in the village due to her family vacation.

The film does not go deeply into everything that is open for regime change, but it does not fall into anti-communist schemes. After all, I think it 's beneficial because I have been able to balance my content for over 30 years. The structure of the film is as classical as possible and perhaps a little anachronistic, but it is the abstraction or equidistance of ideological scenarios. The exact opposite (and coexistence) of their era was undoubtedly isolated from their contemporaries in Romania and not strongly destabilizing the 1990s.

on Morometes 1Niculae's then-child trait was essential here in a different way than the topic catalyst: his role reflected events like those seen through his eyes. Gulea has repeatedly interwoven with adults who help children to slowly point out the lost innocence. It is a remedy that reminds me. Ivan's childhood Tarkovsky provoked poetic vision, almost inertia, in the film. The roots of such idyllism also appear in the new film, through a very carefully polished image of Vivi Dragan Vasile, making the village a quiet shelter and toposofitor from the town. However, Gulea incorporates New Wave lessons into longer frames and is closer to reality. The result is a carefully polished movie. Perhaps he was too focused on technical means. The last frame captures the peasant house at the rally. But it is satisfactory. The long awaited movie, too, should be accepted generally. How grano salis; Morometes 2 This may be an exception to the rule.

Morometes 2 It will be screened at cinemas from November 16th.

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