Sunday , April 18 2021

Red Bull Music A few days left on SoundClash.

Grasu XXL took a few days to compete with Loredana in a new musical duel in Red Bull Music SoundClash! On November 21, two monsters of the gods, fans of two armies face one face at the Polivalent Hall in Bucharest and send one applaud: applause! Platter, DJ Undoo, and Adrian Despot, the referee. Catch the last ticket to.!

After three months of intense training and rehearsal, Red Bull Music SoundClash You entered a straight line. One of Romania's hip-hop veterans, Grasu XXL is an amateur of "turbo-fan" stuff and is located in the left corner. In the right corner, for the pop division, Loredana is preparing a "single night" lady full of music career and sometimes "zigzag".

Two artists accident The crowd captures the audience's attention (based not only on their fans but on the other side of the audience who should be touched by long applause) ZEN Activation. Loredana seeks to avoid the following challenges: "I will be waiting for all the fans next week! I will give them something special, as they are familiar with them, from small to large, making a lot of noise, showing love, and being close to them. ALL LONDON! ", Loredana tells his followers, Grasu XXL fans" Let's soften! " Grass XXL will not even leave: "I will activate the teeth and I will be the best line in the room, totally nervous, the clash is like a win! My message is very simple: pick up on you because we will have to cry very hard !!! For Loredana fans I do not have a message and I already know who will win! "

In the Red Bull Music SoundClash preface two artists have responded to a new challenge: watch here I do not have Loredana and Grasu XXL..

For 12 years, Red Bull Music SoundClash Bringing creative artistic duel with enormous emotional stakes to fans and surrounding the world. A typical challenge from the 50's in Jamaica to today Soundclash MC, the live and DJ super team first fought in the reggae fought to attract public attention and pleased the audience. First Edition a Red Bull Music SoundClashWas held in the Netherlands in 2006 and since then has made five continents globally with more than 50 duel.

experience Red Bull Music SoundClash It lives the best between two scenes. That's why only 69 legs have sold legged flights at Tickets on the day of entry and on the day of the event can be purchased at 79 rai price. Events start at 00:00. 7:30 pm, The gate opens in time. 6:30 pm. Arrive early to avoid congestion.

Key neutral partners Banca Transilvania. Supported LIDL. Powered by FM kiss.

Stay up-to-date on the news. Red Bull Music SoundClash On the Facebook event page.

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