Wednesday , March 29 2023

This can happen only in the foolish foolishness of Romanian folly!


Gigi Becali continues the war with Steaua after the "soldier" regains their name and now receives a huge reward from the landlord's club.

The businessman in Pipera does not agree with the final judgment of the court that ruled that the military can not name the amount or the FCSB called Steaua.

"Well, if you earn 30,000 euros in five years, why would you ask for $ 37 million?" "Do you have anything to say?You do not call yourself, yes, Steaua!"Only the stupid foolishness of Romania can happen," Becali told ProTV.

The Steaua Army Sports Club has successfully established a procedure called Steaua. The court found that Becali's team had used the trademark without rights for ten years.

The "Army" has launched a new lawsuit against the FCSB claiming damages of € 37 million against the illegal use of stars.

Litigation is pending and Steaua's lawyer Florin Talpan is confident of winning.

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