Wednesday , March 29 2023

X factor. Cristian Sanda says, "When I was your human being,


He is 25 years old and from Bucharest. Cristian Sanda climbed to the "X Factor" stage. If possible, the interpreted emotional melody excited all the girls with the song "When I was your man".

Cristian seems to have been born from that scene. He is playing with songs, voices and girls' hearts. Of course, without emotion, he showed how his competitor should announce himself at the "X Factor" contest.

Christian has been in many competitions. He is a perfectionist. So he might have failed in a way that disappointed those who trusted him.

On the X Factor stage, Cristian received a new mantra: "I am not perfect and I do not want to be."

Horia Brenciu, who won the seventh season of the year, will become a mentor to the group, Ştefan Bănică will have a group of girls under 24, Delia is an adult, Carla 's Dreams is under 24 I will have a boy team.

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