Saturday , August 13 2022

"Yasi knows about hepatitis C on TVR Iasi on Wednesday.


Iasi County continues the campaign "Moldova knows about hepatitis C". TVR Iasi TV Studio will broadcast a broadcast on Wednesday, November 7, at 19:00 "Iasi hepatitis C is known."
Claudia Dănăilă, editor of the show, will be a researcher at Iasi Hospital Professor Carmen Dorobăt, Catalin Sfarti, and Maria Ioniţa, Ph.D., Director of the Department of Digestive Internal Medicine and Science. family.
Viewers in the entire region of Moldova who know "Iasi hepatitis C" will be able to ask live questions on the 0232.20.90.35 and TVR Iasi's Facebook page.
The topics covered are related to the cause and effect of hepatitis C infection, and to informing the public that tests and surveys are free of charge by a primary care physician. Therapy is an innovative therapy with a current success rate. Nearly 100% of the same context Iasi viewers will find easy access to anyone who can receive hepatitis C treatment, and regardless of whether or not they have been diagnosed with this disease, fibrosis now has completely free treatment for CAS patients.
Another live discussion, "I know Iasi hepatitis C" at 15:00 on Monday, November 12, is scheduled to air on the official Facebook page "You Cep Hitis C". In this show, guests who become famous experts in Iasi County will answer all the questions that followers ask.
Romania had the top spot in Europe with 3.3% hepatitis C virus (hepatitis C) and the highest prevalence in Moldova (4.3%) at the national level.
Iasi County has an unwanted rate of 3.79%, which is higher than the national average.

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